Cut Jesse Lumsden NOW

Think about it. As some have noted on this board previously, he's "overhyped"... and HOW!

How many times has he run with the ball? A LOT! He's the third or fourth leading rusher in the league.

How many catches has he made so far this year? A LOT! He's Hamilton's second or third leading pass receiver.

... and yet, EVERY time he gets the ball he's either tackled or forced out of bounds before reaching the end zone. We need a RB that keeps going until he crosses the goal line, not one that falls short time and time again.

It's HIS fault the TiCats haven't scored more!!!! I'm amazed I'm the first person to realize this! It's SO obvious!

Cut him NOW before it's TOO LATE for this season!

Disclaimer: The preceding post was made in jest. None of the negative opinions expressed above are sincere views of the poster (or any person who has ever seen Lumsden play, for that matter). I just felt that with all the "CUT <insert player's name here>" threads, that Jesse Lumsden was at grave risk of being left out of this time-honoured tradition of being a TiCat and it's important that all members of a team be included. (I debated not posting this as I was beaten to it by the earlier "Cut Zeke Moreno" thread, but thought "what the hay".) :lol:

Was gonna go off on you till I read the disclaimer. $hit disturber! :smiley:

That's precisely the reason for the disclaimer... 'cause I've realized that even the most ridiculous post can be taken seriously... which is a natural result given that some of the most ridiculous posts ACTUALLY ARE serious! :lol:

lol Im going to laugh at this post, cause whatever you are on is amazing.

cmw1612 - Trusting you read the disclaimer, right? :wink:

I say cut the entire roster and replace them with local high school talent :wink:

yeah i did, thats why i was laughing...

its all good babyboy

that wouldnt be a bad idea haha 8)

Good to hear. Congrats on your brother's first touchdown in the CFL btw! It was a great play. Hope it's the first of many (touchdowns he scores, that is) this year!

(I really believe this team is seriously ready to turn the corner. I live in the Toronto area and would like nothing better than to see the TiCats play in this year's Grey Cup in TORONTO no less, so that the tables would FINALLY be turned again wrt bragging rights with friends who are Argo fans. Given the talent on this club and the improvement to date, I think it's entirely possible, even with the 0 and 4 start.)

hmmm... 'babyboy'... Kinda like that, makes me sound young! lol

Thanks for the love and support on my brother thing.
Thats cool of you.


And 27 is old. Im an old fart.

Good Advice. They CUT everybody else from last year so why not Jesse?

Then with Jesse's money you can give Maas a raise. I'm sure Maas would be much better if we just gave hime another 200K.

Cut everyone except Jason Maas because he is the best QB money can buy. This is obvious since he is the only player not cut from last year.

I'm sure the morons at 900CHML would agree. Cut the O line and the recievers and give Maas a new team. He needs a new team.

Actually it's the other way around. From what I saw in BC this team is doing just fine and is now ready for a NEW QUARTERBACAK!!!!!!

By the way, if you want to support your brother even more, tell him to put his damn mouthguard in. I noticed during the Montreal game that it seems to spend more time jammed in his facemask than in his mouth.
It looks like he only puts it in to return kicks, but the way he's been getting drilled when the ball is thrown to him he's gonna need it then too.

Cut Corey Holmes, let a team that will use him a lot have him. Except Edmonton, don't let Edmonton have him.

And 27 is old. Im an old fart.
Better get me a tombstone.

look alittle closer next time, its always in his mouth during play. Just not when the play hasnt been called or when he is talking to maas.

I don't understand the need for the disclaimer. Your sarcasm is self-evident to even the dullest mind

ArgoNOT....that was classic !!

Is that why you got it?? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but you didn't expect me to resist that after you so gallantly pointed out my little faux pas the other day did you?? :wink:

Oh I looked closely alright.
My dad pointed it out, so I put the binoculars on him and he was right. It was stuck in his facemask above his left eye as he was running up to the line at the start of the play.
Then I noticed it again when I re-watched the game on TV.
The one time I saw him put it in his mouth was when he was about to return a punt.

I guess if you saw so...Im sure i wouldnt know that. but hey ill tell him to get his act together.