CUT Ernest Jackson!!!

Enough! How long is Sherman gonna tolerate "No action Jackson" on the team?!

Jackson is a lollygagging, foot dragging, ball dropping machine that gives up running his routes. He is a waste of a uniform! Why the duck is he still part of this team?! Johnny would prefer a young rookie who plays his heart out.


Sadly, this signing hasn't panned out at all. My guess he's still on the team because fans will point at Reed for another one of his f... up cutting SJ and signing Ernest.

He needs a fresh start somewhere's else. The Als need the roster spot for a young guy who they can look into the future with.

He was traded actually

Ils vont peut-être attendre de voir s’il développe une chimie avec Manziel. Si ce n’est pas le cas, Sherman n’aura aucune excuse pour ne pas le mettre sur le banc, et Reed n’aura aucune excuse pour ne pas le libérer.

I know I`m repeating myself about our pathetic American recruiting, but Jackson is another example of where we should have someone on the practice roster ready to replace him.

The receiver position is the easiest one to recruit. Instead Jackson`s potential replacement is Bowman, another receiver who is likely past his prime.

agreed on both points sheldon.

Problem with our American recruiting can be explained in two words. Joe Mack.

Hiring and keeping Joe Mack is enough reason to fire Kavis Reed. ::slight_smile:

Roughriders hav released Jerome Messsam.

Wondering what this has to do with this thread titled " CUT Ernest Jackson"?

Nothing. .just passing on the info.

Another team with oline problems. Its difficult for a running back to look good when the oline has problems.

Also this :

We have released running back Jerome Messam after he has been criminally charged following an incident in November, 2016. As this is now a legal matter, the Roughriders will not be commenting further.
#metoo ?

Maybe Duron Carter will play Running Back ?

Not sure what happened to him he played so hard in Ottawa and his last year he didn't drop a thing in Ottawa.

Sorry to see him leave then but now surprised he hasn't been a go to guy as he extended the drives so often when he played for the RB's .

Sadly, he isn't gone yet.

So how many passes will "No action" Jackson catch tonight? 1-2, or maybe he will have a great game and catch 3 passes?

Will he break the elusive 30 yard mark in a single game? ::slight_smile:

Maybe having Bowman in the lineup will light a fire under his backside.

Possibly. He should be fighting to keep his job.

They both should be :wink:

Very true!

he is just not being used right. I would be very happy to see him in a lion uniform

Johnny would also be happy to see him in a Lion's uniform...