Cut Downs begin for Redblacks

Some names of interest on the REDBLACKS CUTS.
Ottawa native WR Lemarquand could be called back to the PR.
National and International Kickers Justin parlardy and Paolo Hendricks did not make the cut. Recent picked up the import relaesed from Winnipeg and are likely looking to look at more.
Import expansion draft OT James Lee was let go. Ottawa likley has their eyes on some other OTs especially with the ??? at LT.
National Brendon Dunn OL has also been relesed a former draft pick could possiblily be a PR player.
National Aaron Hargraves WR may be time to callit a career.

LeMarquand was not offered a Practice Roster spot and left Carlteton U very upset today...

James Lee was simply a special teams player. He never really played on the line.

Lee was part of the expansion draft and started at RT for the second pre season game so he was auditioning for a spot on the Oline. obviously not what they were looking for. They seem to like Nate Menken but likely better off at RT. They are in need of a LT to protect Burris' back

Thanks for sharing that Steve. WE really didn't know that..

:D Well someone did not know they thought he was a teams player. How many Olineman are considered teams players aside from Jumbo packages

He also left it very unproductive.

If "upset" means angry, he can STFU. But I suspect you mean disappointed, in which case he's only a phone call away in case of injuries or whatever. I don't waste a practice spot on him either.

Brett Maher also released.

At this point RedBlacks have 0 kickers on roster.

Retweeted by Ottawa REDBLACKS Chantal Allard @AllardC3P0 · Jun 17

I FINALLY got my @REDBLACKS jersey!! Cant wait for July 18th!! @SimonLeMarquand your name is going back there!! Very Happy

I hope this "bright" girl didn't already send that jersey into the shop on Bank Street to have this done! This is a prime example of why you should never get attached to any one player...

You might see K Steven Shott in town if he doesn't stick on BC's Practice Roster. Either that or they might try and swing a deal for Hugh O'Neill.

That is exactly what I think is happening with him. He lives there so he is not going anywhere. A call back is a possibility and one would hope that the coaching staff let him know what he needs to improve on to get another chance. He definitely needs to make the roster or PR with special teams ability. If that is the case that is something he should be working on while he is home. Tackling, Blocking, getting stronger, knowing teams concepts inside and out.

For a National player such as this not a lot of options elsewhere. Although next year is the IFAF Gridiron football World Championships. Team Canada has one of the top mens Senior teams it could be a place where he could let football Canada that he is interested, which puts him in a training camp, and gets him more on film in 2015.

As for kickers, Anthony Alix and Noel Prefontaine are also available. So really, there isn't a huge shortage of kickers around.

As for Palardy, having watched him in Training camp and the first 2 pre-season games, he was consistently inconsistent. He had a few good kicks and definitely some bad ones both in game and in practice. He did improve somewhat but I think the REDBLACKS set the bar high on the agenda as far as kicking goes.

What have to agree with that. I am sure that they are watching a ton of film on all of the kickers that are available. Having a bye in week one gives them time to look at several live for workouts. They really have been very organized and efficient with everything they are doing and they will sign the best available Kicker and punter.The staff has amodern approch to the game and are not going to settle fora do it all kicker unless he can trully do it all.Teamsisone of the three phases that they can be great at right away and they see that. Returners and Kickers will be a roster priority.

Similar deal with Palardy (according to The Sun).

"I've kicked for four years at a high level. My field-goal percentage speaks for itself. It's just a matter of continuing the grind, continuing to work and waiting for a call," said Palardy, who's working on his RCMP Selection Package and may stay in Ottawa for a bit. "That's my future, I'm going to work toward that. If football comes, then it does. If it doesn't, then I've had a fun little go."

You gotta pull for Le Marquand here. A bit older than Brett Carter but getting a second chance and Carter was ready. Football is a shrewd business. The CFL roster does lend itself for full time teams players swtiching his focus there may make a difference. Being a top receiver in the CIS probably did not have a lot of expereince on coverage teams

So if Palardy is waiting for a call from the RCMP I assume he will just walk away from football and head to Regina. If he does not get selected for the RCMP he plays football. I wonder if the REDBLACKS said to him make a choice we don't want to get stuck without a kicker if you get selected for the mounties.

I did wonder (prior to the Redblacks signing him) why someone with pretty good numbers would not be with a slub already. If teams have a feeling that he may bail on short notice, they may not want to make a commitment if ha can't.

It can be a tough business both ways. It's easy to lose sght of that from the team's perspective sometimes. :cowboy:

They will have 4 kickers in camp by Thursday.

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I would be surprised if Argo cut Jasper Justin isn't one of the guys brought in. I thought they Argos would try and hide him on the injured list. Waters has a history of getting dinged covering kicks.

He just signed with the Arena League. It just may take a contract commitment from someone for him to come back. The Arena League does not pay much but it does provide him with housing and meals and if he is going to be popping around that is pretty important.

CRFAdmin, Remember LB Teddy Neptune from the GeeGees who went to Sask? LeMarquand's story is the same as him. When it comes to the RCMP (And I know...I worked there), you can't just sit around, if they call you better be ready or its next on the list. Football can't last forever. Neptune disappaeard from Sask's roster and later on I saw him with the Force. I asked him what happened and it was along the lines of LeMArquand. I'd be surprised if we see him again in a football uniform.