Cut down day

The TiCats currently have 79 players on their active roster,
they must get down to a 46 man roster and 10 PR guys(not including injured players) by 10PM tonight

Wow! this means that one way or another we need to eliminate or hide 23 players from our roster. I don't envy the coaching staff who need to consider the severity of injuries and available talent at each position.
Thanks, Grover.

One thing KA has brought here is Depth, now he must be the guy to cut guys, he must be pulling his hair out thinking about this one, GL Coach we trust you to do a great job, Id hate to have to cut anyone in this Training Camp Squad :rockin:

PS there is 1 easy cut at the QB position..............

Okay here goes nothing.....My annual prediction for the opening day final T.Camp roster. I'm guessing that with Austin's past tendency of keeping as many players around as possible and also taking into consideration all the players dinged up with injuries that after the final cuts are made later today that the team heading into game #1 against the Stamps will look something like this : (3 qb/22 imp/21 cdn = active ) (10 PR = 4 cdn/6 imp )(12 on 1 gm IL)(7 on 6 gm IL)

Active 46.....qb-Collaros,Mathews,Harris

Practice Roster...fb-Huggins/c-Girard/lb-O,Mara/wr-Hairdara/de-Scott/lb-Molls/dt-Daniels/dl-Nevis/wr-Collins/db-Brassel
1 gm IL(12)......rb-Gable/rb-Grigsby/rb-Woodson/wr-Sinkfeild/wr-McDuffie/wr-Toliver/ot-Figueroa/ot-Simmons/db-Sears/db-Murray/wr-Aprile

6 gm IL(7).......dt-Bulcke/dt-Gaydosh/rb-Madu/wr-Watt/de-Coleman/dt-Gill/s-King

Final Cuts......qb-Masoli/wr-English/dl-Mawa/dt-Everton/g-Rockhill/ol-Williams/lb-Bryant/db-Felder/db-Lewis/

Bobo sounds good to me, I'd hate to be one of the 23 or so getting cut but the great play of many of the Tiger-Cats over camp and in the two preseason games can only raise their stock in playing elsewhere in the CFL.

I see in some early reports that Montreal is parting ways with ex-cat DB Geoff Tisdale and Calgary with ex-cat DE Demonte Bolden, I guess even well experienced players can't feel too safe when they get in good competition.


That looks pretty good bobo, however I think that Masoli is going to suddenly suffer a devastating hangnail injury on his non-throwing hand, that will take a minimum 6 weeks to heal properly. This way they can keep all 4 QBs on the roster in case of a more serious injury…

Guaranteed the 'Cats will keep a fourth quarterback around for depth purposes in case of injury.

LOL!!! Ya yer probably right about Masoli, I originally had him listed on the 6 gm IL. I'm just figuring that maybe
(hopefully)that he might balk at being considered 4th string and ask for his release so he could try to catch on elsewhere. I'm not a big fan of the guy and frankly I don't think he would be missed if he was released. I'm thinking perhaps they go with Mathews and Harris for now and knowing Austin he will bring somebody else in as a 4th (practice/IL)at a later date,much like he did with Harris last season who showed up at mid season and mysteriously suddenly got injured :roll: and was groomed all season at practice without seeing any game day action.

Bobo's prediction looks good to me. I am going to guess Haidara on the 46 instead of Coates because I think Haidara is a better special teams player. Coates probably goes to the IR. Also it is a bit rough on Everton Williams to cut him twice, once as a dt and once as the o-lineman he is being converted into. I see him on the practice roster and Girard on one of the injured lists. I think they will also do something to take a longer look at Ellefson (I think Nadon is in his option year) and English.

Just a friendly scouting report, as someone with Lions' season tickets Haidara was very impressive on the teams all last season.

Matt was lights out at camp so hold on a second :slight_smile: , Im sure the staff are racking their brains to get this down in time

Still no word on who is getting the axe yet.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago
I think it’s possible the #TIcats won’t release their final cuts until the morning.

Waiting on #ticats news...

I think Collaros is a lock to make the team.

I think Collaros is a lock to make the team.

The CFL has severed ties with the Gregorian calendar and is actively pursuing new partners to provide their chronometry.

never expected Austin to be a rule breaker. There should be fines on both Austin and the team.

You're confused... there is a big difference between making cuts and announcing cuts to the press or fans.

The CFL head office would know who was cut, but it's up to the team to announce the cuts at their leisure.

Telling a player they're cut and handing them a plane ticket is what makes it official; not announcing it to the press.

Right and not one player has tweeted or made a comment. In this day and age that's hard to believe

It's stunning to me that people think of tweets as news, and also the mentality many have that if they don't know something that there is nothing to know yet. ie. not announced publicly yet.

Does no one have reason and basic sense any longer?