Cut Down Day

Any players from other teams cuts would you like to see come in?

Jamaica Rector, cut by the eskies maybe. Reggie Fish let go by Ham seemed to play well in preseason. With Chris Davis let go, I’m not sold on David Ball. He didn’t seem to do much in the first preseason game and missed the second. Bowman had some dropsies. A little more competition at receiver couldnt’ hurt. I would also look at Akeem Foster, sounded like he had a decent camp in BC and is a young guy, but I would imagine BC likely has him going to their PR.


Reggie Fish had about two plays in pre-season.

....Rector would be a worthwhile to have a gander at......otherwise????????nada :wink:

I think we're pretty solid right now coming out of camp.

Maybe if the wheels come off in the first few games they'll look at some changes.

Interesting that David Ball made the team.

Guessing he either showed enough in practice, or was he the best of the worst???

David's supposed to catch just about everything that comes his way...maybe while he's on the IR he can spend some quality time with Adarius??? :lol: