Cut Down Day 1 day after the last preseason game?

How can coaches effectively do this 1 day after.

Cannot just choose the best players, the Coaches also have to balance the ratio, on field ratio, D.I. s, team chemistry, salary, Cap space, injuries, age, experience, T.C., preseason game highlights and I don't know how may other things but they can't do it the next day very well.

Why not before the first regular season game? Also expanding the practice roster for a short time to give the players that were cut an place to go if there is a need on another team.

If we only keep the team ratio, couldn't we get rid of the D.I. rule and the on field ratio. The shear size of the Nationals on a team will dictate that the Nationals will get their chance.

They've been doing this for years, seems to work fine

VERY well SAID!!!!!!!!!! But!!!!!!!!!!!. Be real. Each team hides players at this time of year.
However cut down time in CFL and later NFL brings Quality players.
Each team on average hide's 6 or 7 players, except Riders who work with a B team.

Cheers to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew Willy released.

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You would think they could make it Sunday at noon.
I will use the Riders as an example here. They play in BC in the final preseason game, fly home, set their rosters, talk to players by offering them PR spots, adjust it to those who decline, start calling people to let them know. That is a pretty tight window…add on that they will practice once, then fly out to Montreal…not the greatest way to start the season to play the first game of the season.

Everyone gets some bad bumps with the schedule…this is just an example of how it is not great around cuts.