Cut Davis!

Release Anthony Davis, this guy cannot run the ball....his longest run of the day was about 10 yards

from wat i seen with this caulley guy (even though we didnt see much) he looked very fast, great accleration

i have not seen i single thing from anthony davis since he got here

You do realize that he needs someone to open up some holes for him to run through, right? Cause that wasn’t happening. There was very little blocking for him today.

This thread would make a lot more sense if it were about Jerome Davis.

hey. what was your longest run of the day?

The ten feet from his bedroom to the toilet.

You must have been watching a different game today!


Wow. I was impressed with the running game as limited as it was

Davis got about 5 yards a carry. Not bad, considering we have the worst O-Line in the league.

If Hamilton Vs. Toronto at 1:00 Pm at Ivor Wynne Stadium was the wrong game then yea

Davis had a 4 yard rushing average with a longest run of 9 yards

longer than 9 yards thats for sure

About 40 yards to the mens room

honestly please tell me how you expect a Running back whos basically been 3rd string for nearly 2 years to come off the bench & preform & produce Lumsden type numbers? Anthony Davis has been behind Corey Holmes & Jesse Lumsden for two seasons, with Holmes leaving he was promoted to back up & finally got reps. He comes off the bench cold with what I can only assume very short notice. You might be thinking.. "well that his job, he should be ready" & I agree, but he made what his first ever CFL start? give him a break seriously.

When Hage is snapping the ball up high (a distraction he regularly supplies us with!) its hard for the QB to get the ball down and handed off...

Combine that with the facts that Anthony got few reps and was promoted to #1 RB at the last minute, and our OLine doesn't blocj very well, and you cannot fault him (ie A.D.)with today's blowout...

He should get more reps, as its obvious we need him on this team.

Terry Caulley: 1 rushing attempt for 8 yards and 2 receptions for 15 yards

it was his first appearance in the cfl

he almost matched davis' longest run in his first attempt

and the 2 receptions beats davis also

lumsden also struggled stat wise the last few games also, it has no relevence.

lumsden was playing while injured last game

and if my mind serves me right....this injury occurred
against winnipeg when he had that great game (he came off the field injured) which might suggest that lumsden wasnt at 100% for that game against edmonton either

gotta be able to run to pass and vice versa in this league,
except for the long td pass we were in a 20 yd box today and vs a 3-4 defence that is not good thing


Jordan02 you've got some sort of bee in your bonnet for lets get it out on the table...Taaffe follows your advice and releases Davis (he'll be picked up quickly, probably by Montreal), and we are left with the injured Jesse (who is apt to be injured again, as we overuse him and Defences know to key on him).

We've traded Holmes, and Saskatchewan doesn't need Armstead back (and we need a long ball receiver and returned, we just need to get him in synch with the team)

Who are you suggesting as a replacement?