Cut Brock Ralph Now!

NO guts...
NO heart...

Gets... NO GLORY

This guy is pathetic!! Wasting a roster spot for someone who wants to play with passion.

I am SICK of it... Same crap all season from this wimp.


lol now now...I thought brock was this town's great white hope

Great white dope... useless are funny....

i like you

i was just commin on to make a thread sayin the same thing:


maas has hit him 3 times ATLEAST and ralph has dropped them all.

Hey my bro cant take a hit and hold on to the ball...way to go bro

Did you see the way he cringes BEFORE he even makes the attempt to catch the ball? (that he dropped.. AGAIN).

He is clearly scared and will never attack the defence.

Cut him.


makes a nice catch AFTER he goes offside…so he cost his team 5 yards again.

waste of a jersey…he doesnt deserve hands.

I love how Brock Ralph puts himself offside before he catches the ball.. He cost us a touchdown in week one with the same stupid, undisciplined play...



tick tock tick tock....I believe he will be cut either this coming week or the week after. As soon as some of these new receivers are ready I believe he is gonzo.

I think you have it exactly correct...

its a shame, hamilton picked him and holmes as thier marketing faces....

how do they explain cutting the guy they picked to center marketing around?

i say, cut him now and quickly market lumsden instead.

lol...what do you think now..

you guys are to funny

Nice pass Timmy!

I'm shocked that Ralph didn't run out of bounds at the 5 yard line...

He is fast when he is chased...


CUT HIM are a cool dude

Please unload Brock Ralph. He cost us critical momentum at a pivotal point in the game. He's disoriented.

game ends with raplh ...dropping a ball, surprise surprise.

His one long catch was behind all of the coverage. No way he makes the catch in front of anyone who can hit him.

The coaches will see what we all do. Even the commentators on TSN noted his soft play and stated he will have a reputation as a weak player who can be easily intimidated (by the way… they loved Corey Holmes’ gutsy play).

This is simply a waste of a position where we need to improve greatly.

Talman Gardner looked good. Hopefully more to come from him.