Cut Boreham - give Ranek his #30 - tomorrow

Boreham simply let his teammates and the fans down tonight...he is not getting the job done.

The position players play their hearts out and he saunters onto the field and fails.

Changes need to be made and now...send the message to the other players...we will not beat Montreal in Montreal as we play them twice in the next 3 weeks and we will be hard pressed to beat Calgary at home if we don't get the offence on track.

I predict the Winnipeg game on July 28 will be our first win...same as last year...0-6 to start the 2006 season.

BRUTAL :frowning:

Might want to rethink your prediction. WPG isnt a push over this year.

There's only 1 pushover in the league right now.

Yeah, the Renegades..

wait a minute.

Will Ranek even want it anymore?

Boreham has to show he can hit the 40 yarders consistantly...If he cant..SOON..then you are right, he has to be replaced..His kicks are waaaay off lately...There must be a ton of unemployed kickers out there that we could look at. Bring a few in and see what develops..

As far as Ranek's #30.. If Boreham were to go, I hope Ranek would wear 30.. ...It might not make much sense, but a running back jersey with #9 on it just doesnt sell as well as a #30. So it would be good just for the marketing aspect if nothing else.

Then call amerson and give him his number 9

speaking of jersey numbers!! big time qb's negotiate their numbers along with big time rb's and receivers.....kickers seldom have that level of clout!!...boreham has worn #30 since middle school in vancouver.....based on his getting #30 combined with still being on the roster, pathetic performance after pathetic performance, what does boreham have on marshall....the coach is either blind or in love!!

Wonder how much Pat Fleming had to pay Pigskin Pete for #6 :?

Wonder how much Pat Fleming had to pay Pigskin Pete for #6 :?

newsflash -

Ticats got not only outkicked (1 field goal) but outpunted (about 10 yards a punt) last night - what else is new

these two problems are killers in close games

but remember it is important that they are Canadian kickers and punters - forget that imports could improve this phase of game

result of this approach - 22-23 loss

get used to it

Renegades and Cats are tied right now with 0 points and the Renegades have 3 games in hand.