cut Anderson now!

Im really sick of seeing this guy get burned on the corner every game. And I dont know the behind the scenes story but he's now causing conflict on the team. Just thinking there has to be better available.

What are you talking about?

The confrontation on the sidelines was because of a terrible call by the referee.

Armour and whoever else that was giving it to Anderson on the sidelines about that spearing penalty will apologize after they see the replay.

That's what caused the confrontation.

As for getting "burned", that's a different story. We have had a different secondary every game and the communication is going to break down when these guys haven't played together that much.

These big plays and break downs are not because of one individual player unless the D is in man-to-man.

whatever....he's gotten burned at least once a game, He is never within five yards of a reciever. just terrible coverage......looks worse than ricky royal!!!

Sorry…disagree. He has played 4 CFL games and he is only going to get better.

The D has been burned more than once every game and it’s something we can expect early in the season with all of the players new to the CFL on our team.

im sorry...but I dont see all of the other cfl teams leaving WR's wide open and for major scores. Im really glad they're gonna get better, but the reality is you cant give away 1/4 of the season and hope to make the playoffs. So enjoy watching the other teams play in november hamilton.

Well seeing how there was no halfback and Anderson was covering the wideout you cant blame him for that one.

i don't know what game we're watching but anderson in my opinion has played pretty well.
exactly which plays did he get burned on?

There are threads like this after every game.

Total waste of forum space..

i think your last post was a waste.

What I will enjoy is watching Anderson turn into a quality CB.

You lose as a team and cutting a promising rookie is not going to help us win now and more importantly it's not going to help up win in the future.

So I don't understand your argument.

If we keep moving players around we'll never gel. Leave Anderson for now as hes playing pretty good.

oh more of this gel BS...i've been hearing that for over 2 years. Sound like

Well, it’s common sense. Football is the ultimate team game…you can’t build team unity by fielding new players every single week.

seriously.. shut up

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Last I checked this was a forum for football. And everyone has the right to voice they're opinions on here. If you don't like that maybe you should shut up and go away. Im a season ticket holder and spend a lot of money on this team so I think if I want to post something im going to do it. So stop pretending your god zenstate. Everyone has the right to speak.

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