Cut and Run

Alot of fans dont like to see the management give up on the season. How can we blame the players for giving up. lets do something to win a game or even get a touchdown before the end of the season and maybe get or fans back next year.

The inherent contradiction in your argument is as follows. The obvious alternative to management "giving up" would be to bring in new players. By saying that the current players don't want to see mgmt giving up, you are essentially contending that the only way to keep the current players motivated is to bring in others to replace them.

(Sorry, I'm just in a mood to be argumentative.)

Please see the thread, "No Rush," for a discussion of this.

You got it Pal.

This team is on hold for the rest of the year waiting for this saviour to show up next year. There is five game to go, lets do what we have to do to win.

Win when?