Cut and/or Trade The Announcer

I hope we can all get behind this one ....

Sorry, Mr. Farr, but all in favour say AYE, eye, I, ....

I remain,

The Bassman


I'm actually surprised that I haven't seen this thread for a while

You don't have 50 posts, accordingly your suggestion must be ignored even by those who agree :twisted: according to the laws set out by the board nazis

That was not my suggestion ...

Please get your facts straight

That post was started by Zenstate

The Bassman


Sorry you started the thread and according to some you aren't allowed to start a thread. In fact the sweet irony is that I believe Zenstate may be in that camp

Sarcasm 101 BTW

My appolologies ARGOCONVERT - I misunderstood your post

I will endeavour to post again, therby giving me 50 posts and the ability to start a thread spouting the gains to made on the field by cutting the administrative assistants in the front office of the ticket window.

The Bassman


No APOLOGY necessary, you speak the truth IMHO

The Bassman


Magic 50 catfan4life. Feel free to start any darn post you like.

lol he's not that bad.

I like the fact that they aren't playing as much music between plays, in fact, I prefer the Burlington Band playing in the stands, but that is the topic of another thread...

Yea you are right, he's not that bad, he's worse

This is actually something that argoconvert and I agree upon...

Other message boards around the CFL make fun of him all the time. He certainly is brutal. We thought he would get better and really he hasn't.

he hurts my ears everytime he speaks

we have a crappy announcer for the last place football team seams fitting to me

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By the by 48