Custumer (dis)service Issue...

I got a call from "Casey Printers" (from a -866 number) begging me to buy season tickets. Not only did the "press 1 to speak to a representative" option not work, but I specifically asked (repeatedly) to NOT be called for ticket renewals.

When I finally got through to the office to inform them of their "oversight" of not taking my phone number off their list, I also explained that with a $150 each price increase for my tickets this year, that I cannot afford to renew them.

At this point I said thank you, and hung up.


The typically, 'complain for the sake of complaining'.

Sigpig touched on this already.

At 6:30pm, while eating dinner, I received a computerized telemarketing call from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, featuring a pre-recorded message from Casey Printers.

Is there a more annoying form of marketing / spamming than this?

Really Bob, I can't believe that you've sunk this low.

Oooooh! We got it too! Both my wife and I thanked Casey for the call, but mentioned we had already renewed! LOL

Quit complaining already.

If nobody called, there would be a chant of "nobody called 'cause...."

Show ME the whine and cheese :cry:

What I find inexcusable is that someone would let a single phone call ruin their day.

We all hate telemarketers but one call shouldn't make people that mad..Much as I hate em they really dont make me mad.

I have been holding off on season tickets for a few years because of my schedule and my financial issues..with all that has been going on in the organization I am still interested in seasons as long as the team can start to show some improvement..(even with the hike in prices)

Just for me sad as it is to say..if I choose to become a season ticket holder it is..a substancial expense and I want it to be something I will be happy to spend..

Don't get mad at the team..its a small inconvience to hear a marketing call..instead of getting mad simply hang up and walk away and smile because Casey Printers called you :slight_smile:

So someone mentions that they didn't like the telemarketing approach and the usual gap toothers respond with the whining approach and other rocket scientist like responses.

I had the same call, it was a real turn off. I feel like I am being begged to buy tickets again which I won't do.

Hey! Casey Printers hasn't called me! Who do you have to know around here to get a lousy phone call?

Just for the record: Wente Estate Zinfandel with a five year old white cheddar and table water crackers.

I wonder how season ticket sales are going anyway?

Telemarketing ****

Even worse when they cant even be bothered to dial themselves but instead use a damn computer. I personally refuse to deal with any company or person that does that and I dont blame anybody for complaining about it.

You want my business, phone me up person to person at least.

I got a call a couple weeks ago from a live person as well as today from Casey the robot Printers

a new work around. Thanks. Go Argos :wink:

we go up to the ticats/argos game at roger centre each year and I got a voice recorded call from Kerry Joseph this year that sounds like the same thing that happened here. I don't think it's a bad idea. If sports teams called everyone that game to one game before the season it would probably take a long time.
Was the one with Casey a special ticket offer?

I apologize if anyone felt the Casey Printers call was intrusive. The call was something new we wanted to try sent out to some unrenewed season ticket holders and casual game fans.

Just want as many people to come out and enjoy the 2008 season.

I want the real Casey Printers to call me 90 minutes before each game to make sure that I haven't fallen asleep, been held up at work or somehow forgotten. I'd also like him to call me back 30 minutes after every game so I can ask him questions about the game plan while the game's still fresh in my mind. Who do I have to talk to?

I respect the ticat organization, and I respect bob, but I just have to say that having a problem with the word s.u.c.k.s is totally anal.


Oski Wee Wee,

I hope that you’re just as thrilled when you get a similar computerized telemarketing call from Bell Canada and the like.

Tele-spamming is just that.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it.

I hope that you're just as thrilled when you get a similar computerized telemarketing call from Bell Canada and the like.

Tele-spamming is just that.

There's no way to sugarcoat it.

Hey if nothing else the phone call gave you something new to complain about on here. I agree Tele-marketing is annoying, the good thing with the voice recorded ones is you can just hang up the phone. I know one of the guys I go to the game with got a call directly from Nick Setta a couple weeks ago asking him why he didn't renew. I thought that was kind of cool
The call was something new we wanted to try sent out to some [b]unrenewed season ticket holders[/b] and casual game fans.
Ummm..... you already billed my Mastercard when I renewed several months ago. Does this mean that someone at the office didn't register my tickets?

I thought that getting the call was odd......