Custom License plate -Ticats

Noticed the Ministry of transport now shows the NEW Tiger Logo for personalized plates anyone have one yet ?! tell us about your plate! I have Cats99 on my mustang GT convertible, Old logo to remember the Cup winning 99 team :cowboy: :thup:

As much as I love the Cats, $336.40 is a bit too much for my taste. Heck, that’s almost enough for a season ticket renewal!

[url=] ... nce-plates[/url]

I instead just purchased a license plate holder for around $20 at the Ti-Cat store.

REVGAC with the old logo, my wife got them for me 4 years ago. Luv'em!

8) Have had my personalized TiCat plate for at least 8 years and thank goodness it is with the old original TiCat Logo :D

I've had 11TC15 for many years.

Only cost me $75 for it. I'm trying to get my GF to get Ti-Cat plates....I may just get them for her for Christmas who knows....$335 though....yikes, if that's how much they cost...not sure that I will get them though at that price.

My Goodness, Ontario is such a ripoff lol, I Thank Yahweh everyday that I don't live their anymore, much more affordable here in Saskatoon :slight_smile: Lower utility bills, auto insurance, taxes etc....

Anyway, A personalized license plate in Saskatchewan costs 75$, not




I love Saskie, except for their football teams :smiley:

I have the cheaper version of the Tiger-Cat licence plate holder. They are great for a few months…but after that the colours fade a lot. I’m on my second one now and it’s done the same thing.
No big deal. It gives me an excuse to keep visiting the Jarvis St store when I am passing through Hamilton. :slight_smile: