Curtis "Man Of" Steele

First game starting in the CFL and he has 74 yards rushing.

Trivia time. Name 1 Hamilton Tiger-Cat to get 74 or more yards rushing this season.

1 game all damn year… whoopie…

Steele had a great game I thought. TO looked like a much more dynamic, fast, tough team, with the addition of the new QB Collaros and Steele. Very well coached squad last night.

After the first bungled play between Collaros and Steele, I was worried. But the two really clicked as the game wore on. The Lions were MAULED! seriously take time out of your day to make assinine comments like this? why? why not just see this thread and go 'whatever' and then get on with your are one miserable person

That's nothing Red. Go check out it's wonderfull contribution in the "Season is to long" thread. It has never had a positive post for as long as I've been reading this website.

Some people's kids, eh R&W....just can't help themselves.

I thought Curtis had a great game. Loved his flying leap over the BC defence - thing of beauty that was.........Geroy might have to start sharing his cape. LOL!

A: didn't get 100 yds.

B: it's 1 game for all we know in the 2nd week he could get mauled and hardly get anything.

Lions clearly didn't have a proper game plan for the Argos as they had never seen Steele and Car.. whatever, in action.

let's see him keep it up for a few weeks before declaring the guy a great player.

What's your problem? You know, especially considering how the Riders are 5-0, I would expect you to be in a better mood these days, but nope, even when your team is winning, you're still as petulant and spiteful as ever.

People said that Steele and Collaros had a great game, which they did. They went up against one of the strongest defenses in the league in their first professional CFL games as starters, and they dominated; 3 TDs for Collaros, and 2 TDs for Steele. No one in this topic has said that either Steele or Collaros are great players. Based solely on that game, they have the potential to be great players.

So how about you stop blindly making moronic assumptions, and actually read what people say before trying to start a feud every chance you get? I'm not even kidding, try it. See if you can go a week without starting a fight.