Cursed #s

I have noticed over the past few weeks that a few #s in the recent years have been cursed meaning the players haven't played very well, wearing that #.

1 - Jason Armstead, Casey Printers
2 - Terry Vaughn, Tony Miles
9 - Josh Ranek, NML

These are just 3 off the top of my head.

on a team that has had 2 or 3 wins a year in the last 5 years you are going to have a whole roster full of cursed numbers I would think :slight_smile:

Let's hope this year we can gain and earn a bit of respect out there on the field.

I am cautious and conservative by nature but I boldly and confidently predict that Hamilton will not only make the playoffs this year but will actually host a game by finishing second in the East.

I hope that you are 100% correct.

I have said all along that I can see an 8-10 win team but could easily turn into a 3-5 win season.

I want to see Quinton Porter play all year. My fear is that after a few games if he is struggling, we will replace him with Glenn and be a .500 team and make the playoffs. That's doesn't sound too bad but then what will we do next year? Glenn is on the downside of his career and I don't feel that he can play 18 games. He's now a back up for another 3 years or so. I don't want him to start for the next 3 years, we are a .500 team then when he moves on or retires we are back at the same spot.

I will take a 3-15 season, if Porter shows improvement and that he will be our starter for the next 10 years.

I don't want be be okay for 2 or 3 years then blow it up again. I want to be good year after year and if it takes 1 more year to put the right building blocks in place, I am all for it. We were competitive last year and that's what everyone wanted to see last year but we still complained.

To me, it's all about progress. I want to see progress this year. I can see us being 2nd in the east with 8 wins as I see Wpg and Tor struggling mightily.

I want the same thing as everyone else, a Grey Cup Championship but we also have to be realistics in our expectations. I don't want to win a Grey Cup then suck for another 10 years. I want this team built properly.

LOL That's what I was going to say.

I hope you're right, Gerry. Because if you're wrong you're definately going to hear about it for a long time. :lol:

I am sure nothing will be said about/to me that hasn't been said before. I would welcome the creativeness. :wink:

Well Gerry I'll stick my neck out and agree with you. Hamilton finishes second in the East, behind Montreal. Winnnipeg third, Toronto fourth (or maybe Toronto third, Winnipeg all depends on how those inexperienced QBs in Winnipeg do...if one of them shows up adequately well they'll be third because they have more tools to work with than Kerry Joseph does in Toronto (Bombers have the better receiving corps and the better running backs); but if none of those Winnipeg QBs take the required step up to be a quality CFL starter, then they might be last).

Don't heat up my crow until about 2 weeks before season's end, please.

Dirt-tiger I am sorry bud but team can't afford a 3 and 15 year again
We need a playoff Birth more so I take 500 Record with Glen.
Here is why there Teams in The CFL and NFL the Let a Young QB Set behind A Vet till he is ready
Joe Montana for Steve young Comes to mind
also Tom Wilkinson For Warren Moon for Matt Dunnigan for Tracey Ham for AC
do I need to go on
a QB can Learn as Much Sitting as doing as playing

If Glen leads us to a Playoff Game I am happy
If it a Home Playoff Game I am Thrilled..
3-15 I'd Be Pissed..

As Tom and I spoke yesterday at IWS during the field goal kick contest. I mentioned " defence " will win championships. If Obie has done his homework and assembled a group of monsters on the BIg D and the coaching staff can work and get production from the D, the offence will find it's own rtheym (sp). I predict a 10 - 9 season with a play off birth. I would love the team to be number one, however I will be very pleased with the previous thought. Looking forward to the season.

Back in '61 to '63 there was talk that # 30 was a cursed number for RBs after at least 3, maybe 5 suffered career-ending injuries while wearing # 30.

  1. C.R. Roberts - 1st game for Ticats blew a knee, finished.

  2. George Scott - suffered severe ankle sprain which at the time was said to be worse than if he had broken it; couldn't make it back.

  3. Larry Hickman - FB - severe ankle sprain early in Grey Cup '61- had to move Gerry MacDougall from HB/SB to FB, Ticats running game never got untracked , lost GC that year. Before '62 Hickman traded to Montreal (for Big Ang?) but never returned to form and was soon gone.

  4. Jim Pace - joined Ticats late '63 as "brilliant NFL HB" but played only a few games including the playoffs, couldn't return in '64, reputedly due to knee problems.

    A few others I can't remember, but in spite of talk in the Spec (Bob Hanley) re retiring #30 before we lost any more RB it never happened. Since then we have had several RBs wear #30, no problems, although I don't remember any greats who wore that number post '63.

#72 Tom Pate. Suffered a fatal aneurysm during a 1974 game. Of all the tragic deaths surrounding the team over the years, this is the one that sticks in my mind the most.

Oski Wee Wee,

We can't afford another junk year but a 3-15 season that sets up a good run of 6 or 7 years is better to me than 2 years of mediocrity and then we are back in the same position as we have been for the past few years.


I just want to see improvement with Porter. This team could win 8-10 games but we still have a glaring hole called the d-line. It has been terrible the last 2 years. The guys we have brought in in the past have not done the job and it looks like more of the same this year. Guys we have never heard of with American pedigrees.

I digress. If you want a successful team for years on end, then you have to let Porter play and develop. Letting him sit on the bench won't do much for his confidence, especially how he ended last year and Glenn would be the stop gap solution for 2 years. If the Cats have no faith in Porter or don't like his progress, they will let him go.

We need to develop our own QBS. I liked what I saw from Porter and Tafralis last year. They look like good QBS.

Glenn is a good QB. No doubt about it. How much gas does he have left in the tank? Maybe a year or 2 of being good? Maybe?

Peyton Manning was 3-13 in his rookie year
Troy Aikman was 0-11 in his rookie year
They turned out pretty good.

Steve Young played in the USFL before the NFL.
He then started 5 games for Tampa Bay in 1985 and 14 in 1986 going 3-16 as a starter.
He then started 20 games over the next 5 seasons finally becoming a starter with San Fran in his 8th year in the NFL at 31 years of age.
Hardly a path I would recommend.

Dunnigan had Moon ahead of him in Edmonton for 1 season and was the starter from that point on.
This is Porter's second season in the league.
You have to let Porter sink or swim.

I disagree… Young Sat Behind Joe for a Few Seasons
So did Moon when Came To so Tom Wilkinson
I fine with us Starting Glad and Letting Porter Sit if Means Winning now…
Besides Porter can learn a Far bit from Bench
I am Hope he can learn on field and Still Win…
But if not I am okay With Glen Playing now

I want to win now too but I want to keep on winning. We all want to win but I also want to set this thing up for the future. To me, this year will show us where we are going in the future. I want to see gradual improvement from Porter and P-Rod and an improved d-line.

I can't believe that you would take 2 .500 seaons then be back at square one trying to figure out who our QB is.

I feel it in my loins that Porter = The Man. I can see us setting up a 7 or 8 year run with this guy. I think he will improve gradually as the season goes on.

All I want to see this year is for our dline to take shape and to see Porter be the man and make the playoffs. Who knows, 5 wins could make the playoffs this year.

I want to win as bad as anyone but I have come to the realization that if it takes another sub .500 year then so be it as long as we have the proper building blocks in place to make a serious run for 5 years. That's all that I ask.

This team can win 8-10 games this year easily but that could easily turn into a 3-5 win season. But a 3-5 win season may not be so bad as long as we pick out our QB of the future and the strong foundation to build around next off season.

I know that we all are tired of losing and don't want another wasted season but I don't want to be .500 for a year or two then fall back to 4-14.

I can see with Glenn starting that he will lead us to be .500 but won't be able to lead us to the Grey Cup. With a full year under his belt and going through the ups and downs, Porter will be able to lead us to the promised land. Porter isn't Timmy Chang, Kevin Eakin, Richie Williams or Casey Printers. He has the potential to be a very very very good QB in this league. He has the tools and he proved in the games he played last year that he can play in this league.