Curse thee effeminate fish of miami.... team just lost Tsoumpas to the dolphins...

he's there to block Chick
but serious i feel sorry for your team as u were for ours losing Chick

I've said it in another thread but I wish gridiron football was more popular worldwide so more countries/leagues could band together to prevent this kind of injustice. Right now it's basically one dark corner of the street where a big bully constantly mugging away a smaller guy with no one within sight to do anything about it. Sad.

Losing a NI to the NFL that's a huge hit, especially a team's bes Olinesman.. Ouch, grrrrrrr....

One positive is that these nfl teams are pretty inept at evaluating talent, so for every player they take, they release one just as good or better :cowboy: As someone else stated there needs to be some form of Compensation legislated!

I doubt very much they release a Non Import Linesman.'s just started.....those bu66ers will bleed us dry eventually....We might as well start considering ourselves as the 'farm -team' league north :thdn:..Notice a poll on tsn asking if this deal with the nfl is good for us.....looks like we don't approve so far...not surprised..Better make some changes Cohan... :frowning:

What is in place now that has changed when the option year agreement ended?

There are pro leagues in Europe , does the CFL scout there?

.....we need at least... a 2 plus 1 year contract before players can head south....example of what's going on year and gone...Cripes we barely got to know the we're left scrambling...'Maybe' we can replace him ... If other first year guys ...who are also entertaining going south and stick in the nfl ,the Bombers could be in a lot of trouble..Doesn't give the average fan in the Peg much to cheer about for sure... :roll:

Maybe the way to fix this is to increase Canadian content. The less the league relies on US players the less this will be a problem. A cap on player salaries to 250k for a QB and 150k for other positions would also compensate for the NI negotiation edge.

Or to drop the ratio all together


i know many guys from canadian colleges go over to europe to play. even some guys i went to high school with. might not be a bad place to do some scouting…

That really hurts a CFL team when they lose a good non-import. Calgary will replace Tsoumpas but not with a player of equal talent.
There's alway another John Chick or a Jonathan Hefney out there just waiting to be found. But another Dimitri Tsoumpas is not that easy to find.
That's why I have always been in favour of each CFL team being allowed to have 2 or 3 veteran imports become listed as non-imports after 5 , 6 or 7 years in the league. It would give the teams a couple of non-imports who are top calibre (they wouldn't be in the league that long if they weren't) and the NFL wouldn't be interested in older 30+ year old players.

The NFL on any given year generally has an average total of around 20 Canadians on their rosters. So a couple of guys on each CFL teams like a Eddie Davis or a Barrin Miles as non-imports would kind of even things up IMO. It's not like it is a new idea as this was quite common back in the 60's and 70's. Back then you were either a Canadian citizen or you were an import. Now we have a real mismash of what constitudes a non-import.

The rule now is:

A player who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of seven years prior to attaining the age of fifteen years qualifies as a non-import player.
I'm not sure how long that wording has been in effect but it's pretty straight forward.

BTW, Chief, dolphins aren't fish. They're mammals. :wink:

I think you mean red. This is my first post in this topic. :smiley:

DOH!! I did. :oops: :lol: You guys who cheer for Alberta teams are seem alike. :wink:

Hey! Don't be lumping me in with dirty Calgary fans! :x

Hey Guys:

I just joined and want to post a dream that I have had for as long as I can remember. Before I die I would love to see a game between a CFL all star team and an NFL team. It has taken place between teams of the CFL playing teams of the NFL. I will post the link here: ... League.htm
Does anyone join me in thinking that this sort of game (despite what people think that the outcome might be) would catch a lot of attention from both sides of the border? How can those of us who might be interested in such a game get to the right people who can make such a game a reality? Thanks guys.

armchair jock

You know that when the NHL takes a player from Russia or Sweden they have to pay a transfer fee.
Why isn’t the CFL charging the NFL a transfer fee for taking thier players?