Curse of the big $$$ q.b..

It seems like it always ends bad whenever we make a signing like this, Dunigan lasted what 6 games with us before a career ending injury, Tim Rosenbaugh was booed out of town and Allen had one of his worst seasons as a pro here. lol and Danny doesn't count because he came in at a time when the max you could give a q.b was 150k

hey remember that one big named guy the cats signed a few years back who was supposed to be really awesome?...what was his name....Maas?


So what is this team supposed to do? Crawl into a corner and suck their thumbs?
Enough of the Doomsday posts. Whats past is past. Lets give this team some credit for trying to fix whats wrong. Then we take it from there. Looking backwards is for losers.

ah yes...learning from the past is a stupid idea. Lets just charge ahead and if we make the same mistakes 2847865 times, so be it!

I must have missed something. Was Casey Printers here before? Why is signing him now another "mistake"?
Your comment reminds me of those idiot TV commentators and their "well 20 years ago this team really blew a third and 1 situation in the Grey Cup. Will they do it again?"
I prefer Bob's KEEP TRYING and to heck with whats gone before! I would suggest every Grey Cup or Super Bowl winner has been in this same situation at one time. Good thing they didn't take your advice at the time. If there was only ONE way to win every team would have it figured out. As Casey Printers said today " every game is a soap opera. Anything can happen until the final whistle blows." Now thats a positive attitude. Make a note.

I just hope that our O-Line kicks it up and starts to do their jobs.....they are 1 large part of our demise this year not just the QB's.


Well I guess we will soon see if your comment about the QB's not being a problem is correct. :wink:

The same mistakes? Are you out of your mind? Enough with the negativity already, this signing is huge. We couldn't ask for a better QB in Printers, and I for one am glad to have him.

The curse of the big $ QB is not the curse I'm worried about...

We have signed a Canadian Football League quarterback. One who can roll out, throw on the run or take off with the ball. Casey Printers is the ideal quarterback for this league. Combined with Jesse, give or fake, this duo is going to drive defenses nuts. We may have more rebuilding to do and this season may already be toast but with this quarterback the fun should be back in football. This man is a gambler and a gunslinger, not a three-yard outlet pass high percentage passer, but excitement personified.

It will be interesting...but I caution you all to remember one thing...Printers is an "I-Man" and not a solidifying force in the locker room...
This could be either "good or bad" as on the "good" side, he'll be quite vocal about "protection" issues from the OLine, or "route running" by receivers, and, finally, by the American Football thinking Offensive coordinator that has no experience with the Cdn Game. How the team reacts to a 26 year old parachuting in and being this sort of "disturbance" remains to be seen...which could be the "bad" side of it...

Okay, enough said, will wait for the results...but what are we going to do about the DLine and the D backfield? Granted that we will trade Maas (salary cap is still there! we cannot sustain both Casey and Jason on the limited payroll) who or what can we get for a defensive end to complement Mackay Loescher, how can we sort out the DB's and free safety issues, when there's so much instability at these positions? New guys ned time and experience at playing together to be effective, and they haven't had it.

Mind, we might be on the right route!


man what gets me is how you guys can always find away to be negative :roll:

I'm with you brother.

Excellent points.

There was also this other big $ QB who we signed named McManus eho, along with his buddy Flutie, if my memory is correct, won the Grey Cup in their second season here.


The curse of the Pharaoh's tomb?!?!?!?


Hey guys,

dont believe in stupid curses!! We have to get rid of that attitude here in Hamilton. I know that there are no curses. Sure we have had some bad luck but which team in the cfl hasnt.
I mean if you want to talk curses, Look at Saskatchewan. How many grey cups have they won??

But You have to look at the positives. such as the McMannus and Flutie acquisitions. That got us a Grey Cup.
I believe with the Printer signing that could do the same!!