Curse continues

What will it take for this team to win the big one?

An offense!

I think we'd have to be favs for the east again next year, Grey Cup again in 2012, this time with a little more experience and an unfinished job.

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Honestly is he wrong?

Oh well maybe next year I think Joey Elliot is our man anyway Bucks good but he showed some un-veteran moves in that game locking onto receiver is a terrible terrible move did it more than once.

and Jovon man I feel for this guy how many times does he keep us in games its like he's the only one out there that gives it his all 100% of the time

I think Mike Riley put the curse on this team the day he left. Haven't won a cup since him as coach. Curse of the Riley.

Just couldn't get enough out of the offense, not sure why they didn't push the ball down field sooner, Carr was unstoppable whenever it came his way.

Against strong teams, defense alone isn't enough. Winnipeg offense couldn't keep up with BC in scoring. Winnipeg is among the worst in allowing most quarterback sacks and "twos and outs." So improvemeents needed in quarterback protection and increasing first downs. Generally, champions tend to be top 3 passing teams in a pass oriented league.

It's not an offense, its a proper full time OC. This offense has the ability to be better than it has shown. What it hasn't done is shown the ability to adapt to what defenses are doing. This team led the league in 2 and outs and that problem was on display most of the game. I've been of the opinion that Lapo is in over his head acting as both HC and acting OC on game days. I don't think you should have an OC for 6 days of the week then take over the job on game day. It's a system that I think has held the offense back from its potential. IMO the offensive playcalling was a lot of what we've seen many times over the course of this season and BC was ready for it.

That said, there were other issues. The Oline had their hands full with the the lions Dline which was one of the best the 2nd half of the season and played a strong game. The Bomber D wasn't able to capitalize on Lulay's overthrows with a timely pick and gave up a couple of uncharacteristic big plays. They weren't able to neutralize bruce the whole game who showed up right when the leos needed him.

Curse? As I recall, it was Palardy banking a FG off the post while McCallum's bounced back into the field of play. The football gods wanted the Bombers to win, but Odell Willis had other ideas.

It seems that "Butterball" decided to eat an entire Thanksgiving turkey for the pregame meal and played like it in the first half. After Coach Burke apparently forced Butterball to regurgitate the turkey during halftime, Odell's play improved. However, a horsecollar tackle on Lulay led to a TD and when Butterball had a gift-wrapped pick-six, his greasy hands couldn't hold onto the ball.

He crapped out when we needed him the most and ruined any realistic chance we had of getting back into the football game. Odell should go back to Mississippi and hang high from the trees, keeping flies, gnats and fleas away as he blows in the breeze.

We have good offensive players, as the puttytats are well aware after getting their butts kicked 4 times in a row. The problem is that we don’t have an offensive coordinator or head coach that maximizes his team’s talent the way DC Tim Burke does. I think that if Burke isn’t named Head Coach in Winnipeg for next season, some other team will make him their head coach.

Hard to imagine at the beginning of the season they were raving about having him in the jack position and moving him around all over and how strong he started the season. Say what you will about Willis in the grey cup game and before, he's been off his game the last few weeks. Maybe that has something to do with him being taken out of the starting line up. Certainly dropping that pick was a huge play in the game. Regardless, he's not the only man on the front 4. Losing turner to the eyepoke hurt. Despite the D getting a lot of pressure, 9 QB hurries, 9 QB hits or something along those lines they weren't able to stop the big plays in the 2nd half. And IMO the loss can't be laid solely on the D or Willis. They held the bombers close for most of the game but the offense wasn't good enough on this day.

I think mack is moving things along well. He is now challenging Lapo to tell him how they will improve.Let's not forget this is the youngest team in the CFL. Our punting must be fixed. If there is one thing that sunk us I would point to that.You can't let a team like BC start at mid-field as much as they did. There is no way we should be blowing anything up.Lots of tweaksperhaps. We loss to a better team(for now) .Just think how dramatic it will be when we beat BC in the 100th to end the drought!

wow, the racism in the last few lines there is certainly pushing the boundaries to say the least but your whole post is really quite ridiculous and wrong… odell had a pretty strong game, he sure did… he was the guy getting the most pressure on lulay for sure, a few times, yeah he was beat but he beat his guy a few times also…watch the game, u see 40 in the backfield quite a lot… just cuz he didnt get a ton of sacks doesnt mean he didnt have a good game.

cfl needs to do a few things… 1. call holding when its obvious, there were times in that game where odell was just tackled and held that it was blatant. call that. call it on both teams even, just call it… did he drop that one? butterball? c’mon man, grow up… how old are you honestly? did he drop it tho? sure but… thats not the only play that cost us the game. was it odell shanking punts? was it odell not doing anything on offense? was it odell who got beat on 2 big play bc touchdowns?

you know… why bother. your post speaks volumes about the type of person you really are behind the assumed identity… your a racist,ignornat,crap talking punk who would never ever say any of that crap u just said to the guys face.

whats it prove? the racist over tones and all the dumb nickname comments? like butterball is real creative or something? like dude, havent you been crapping on the team for as long as you’ve posted on here… i mean really.