Curse?....and other ramblings....

Cursed? Someone brought it up on another thread and sometimes you have to wonder.
101 years of Pride - 98 years of heartbreak. Hello Chicago Cubs? How else would you explain this?


  • Do you think Doug Berry is smiling right now while he's rolling around naked in his Rider Loonies?

  • Taman - we got exactly what we ordered. There are countless threads on this forum that predict the failure of this team under the leadership of Taman, simply by pointing to Winnipeg. And, it appears it's coming true.

  • Solutions? Blow it up. New GM, new coaching staff, new water boys, new clouds that float over head during practise.

Son to his Rider fan father in 2027 - "Dad, why have the Riders been so bad for so many years? We were a good team once, weren't we?"

"Well son, it's like day, many years ago, Mr. Tillman had a really sore back and when home early from work......."

And if history has taught us Rider fans anything, it'll be a generation from now until we forget about this.....
Too many men.....honestly.


Trust me, real Rider fans that have been around since the late 70's and have experienced the 11 consecutive seasons without a playoff appearance, and the 89 Grey Cup and then the Slip by Ridgway. I Was There! Then we had the Al Ford years where we had all the futility, the coaches like Matthews, Jauch, Daley, Murphy. We got lucky in 1997 and pulled off the upsets in Calgary and Edmonton (once again, I was there) then got blown out by Flutie and the Argonauts.

Look at all the non-productive Quarterbacks we have had since Kent Austin left?

Nealon Greene is probably one of the best examples of lousy QBs Heck we lost two bonafide QBs because of him (Burris, Glenn).

We had Slack, Graves, Sarkisian, Jones, Kevin Mason who Jim Daley ruined!

The one thing that we had always were Receivers and Running Backs.

Remember Mike Saunders, Robert Mimbs?

The problem that we have had throughout our recent history is a lack of quality management. Lack of coaching, due to poor Management.

Matthews btw, left so he could be the coach in Baltimore, was not fired.

So we need a respected and proven GM who will bring in good coaches. This can solve our problems.

So who do you think they should bring in as G.M.?

I get sick of the Tillman thing. It was basically Shivers team with a better HC...really the one major thing ET did for that season.

I don't care one way or the other about the Tillman thing, being in the past and all. But I would say two things to your comment:

  1. Don't think it quite accurate to say that it is all he did in that first year.

  2. Even if HC was all he did, it was a critical piece.

Good question. Might have to promote someone.

…Cursey McDoompants…but your PR department might have a tough time selling that one

This from today's article on this site, "We're going to play to win,'' Miller said Wednesday. "We're going to play every game to win.''

Thats encouraging! I guess they weren't before. Must have had a team meeting or something! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Good thoughts in this thread. Now that the season is effectively over for us, we have a few weeks to try out some overlooked talent and hopefully put this team back together. What will be more important though will be the off-season changes; it's no secret that Miller wants to move on from HC, and I agree with the others here that the team needs to do some org work at the top. The sad part is that for the disaster that 2011 was, it didn't need to be that way; this organization does have a lot of talent and still is in the top three on paper as far as I'm concerned -- my fear now is that we throw the baby out with the bathwater as the calls for change come pouring in!

well you know there will be some player changes. that's obvious, it's only normal when you have such a poor showing.

Dinwiddie? gone.

Cates? Gone.

Fantuz? Gone (mostly cause he'll be a FA)

Makowsky? Gone

Romero? Gone - this guy needs to go. loose cannon

Congi? Gone unfortunately

Simpson? Gone He's too old and a new Coach and GM will want youth and they'll go after it.

I'm sure there are a few others.

They need a GM who's got some experience but also wants to make a new Era for the Riders. start fresh, new coaches and a new design.

if they Keep Taman, they will continue to suck in 2012.

if they fire him, it might take a few games but they will recover and could pull off an Eskimo 5-0 (possibly)

I agree with it all except Fantuz.

I'll add in the "gone" list: Goodspeed and Gauthier.

And move Parenteau away from centre. He can stay in another position, but please PLEASE find someone who can snap the ball to a player in the shotgun! Parenteau has almost as many overthrows this year as Dimwittie!