Curry being "shopped"

.....but the best part is Barrett's quote about him.....

According to a report in the Regina Leader Post, Saskatchewan head coach Danny Barrett says cornerback Almondo Curry won't play for the Roughriders again this year.

The Roughriders acquired Curry in a pre-season trade that sent quarterback Nealon Greene to the Montreal Alouettes.

''We're looking to try to move him,'' Barrett told the Leader Post. ''We gave up value to get him so we're trying to get value in return.

''One of the teams that might be interested is going through some changes. I try to do this for all our players. If we can't find him a place to play, we'll probably release him by the end of the week.''

.....something tells me Barrett wasn't paying attention to Greene's real potential.....however, if Curry's outright released, I still think it was worth giving up Greene for what would work out to essentially nothing.....

At this point, I'd like to try a mulligan. Do you think the 'Riders would take Nealon back?:wink:

We could use the veteran help in the Als secondary these days.

Maybe you could trade him to Winnipeg.....that way, you could feel all warm and fuzzy about helping out a divisional opponent.....

Besides, isn't there some clause somewhere about trading back to the original team within a certain timeline?

well trade him to Hamilton for Scott Gordon :cowboy: