Currie resigned

Ticats resign Currie to the practice roster and also add a new linebacker. I'm happy to see Currie back. I know his hands need work but his speed makes him worth the development time.

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Are there injuries among the regular receivers, other than Rodriguez and Bauman, of which we are not aware?

Good news. I like Currie. Glad to see him back.

Maybe we can bring back Chang as well.

Prechae's injury might be greater than we're told.

Maybe he finished his ball catching course …101 … :thup:

Bring back a guy that knows your offense already is half the battle, he is ahead of any other signed players before he gets back in the locker room …

Can't Bring back Chang he Facing Theft charges in Hawaii

Only the Argos sign Fellons..

TSN's incomplete report make it seem that
Timmy Chang's primary motive was theft,

when in reality, his intention was, to try to stop damage
from being done to his alma mater's reputation.

This a more accurate account of this incident.

click here

A young lady was filming a crowd disturbance at his alma mater.

He didn't want film of this incident to be seen in the press
to enhance stories damaging his alma mater's reputation.

When she refused his request to stop filming
he threw her camera up on a nearby roof.

Timmy's intention was never to steal the woman's camera

Soon after the initial report, further articles said that
the robbery charge against him would likely be dropped.

I'm pretty sure Bugsy was being sarcastic about Chang..

SWEET!!! I liked this guy! Somtiems you step up in a BETTER way after you get a second chance!

That's good to hear.
I felt bad for him.
Wish he could have been given more of an opportunity.
We've let Porter suffer through major growing pains.

Melrose M is right on. You're bringing back a guy who is familiar with your O schemes and can contribute immediatly. Here's hoping that he can play a little more relaxed when called upon. With P-rod and Drisan James looking iffy as far as injuries are concerned, I can see Currie getting back into the lineup. He certainly was a standout in training camp and now he gets a second chance. If he can play with confidence and to his potential he can be a impact player. :cowboy:

He needs to watch AB and learn, his speed is a real asset if he can catch the darn ball.

Sign of desperate times IMO. Although he knows the playbook he can't hold onto the ball. Hope this is short term insurance

Why are we talking about chang when we are the best we have been at QB for years? :?

Exactly what I was thinking. Really though.. what would a thread be if it didn't go way off topic at least once? I guess it's short attention span combined with never letting go of false bitter memories.

Could be a result of the air pollution, proximity to Toronto, collectivist union mentality, or lack of NHL franchise.

And hanging onto the ball, his fumbles was the main reason for his release.