Currie released

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Too bad - great speed. Needs to learn how to catch and hang on to the ball. The new kid in camp (Bayes ) looks like he has speed as well as soft hands.

I agree I like Currie but if he can hang on to rock he has to go.
Next Butter Fingers Bowman has to go ..

If a player is dropping balls the coaches should identify the problem as to why and coach the player how to fix it. How does a team get any better when you got a different line-up every week.
What do i know. I guess that's why that program at the games comes in handy, so we know whose on our team.

They did identify the problem.
The problem was he wasn't a pro level receiver.
They fixed the problem by releasing him.

8) LOL ..... :wink:

Well said.

I thought both Currie and Dristan James have been very inconsistent and need to move on.
Judging talent isn't rocket science. I posted in Week 1 how good I thought McDaniels was.
Just look at the season he's had..outstanding.

McDaniels looked good in week 1. Since then, he has been terrible on kick returns.

Anyone would look terrible on kick returns with no blocking...which has plagued Hamilton ST all year.

Isn't McDaniel near the top of the total yards ranking?



Combined yards for Ticat Marquay McDaniel, tops in the CFL.


Here are some more NUMBERS


Big plays this season by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,

defined as rushes over 20 yards, pass plays
over 30 yards or kick returns over 40 yards.

The second worst in the CFL. The only team worse: Montreal.

-11 per cent

Change in points per game and net offence compared to last season.


"He needs to be more productive, I think that's obvious

  • we need to get more points out of the position."

  • Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille on kicker Nick Setta.

"I don't think anybody has quit on him.

I don't think anything that's gone on in the locker room
has been unusual for the situation we've been in.

In fact, it's been surprisingly light."

  • Bomber defensive lineman Doug Brown

on head coach Mike Kelly and the
mood around the team this season.

"My confidence is high.

I'm playing well and doing the things
I need to do to help us win.

But obviously, there's lots of things
for me to improve on and that's my focus."

  • Ticat quarterback Quinton Porter


(League rankings in parenthesis)


Ave. points per game

HAM 22.6 (6)

WPG 19.7 (7)

Ave. yards of offence per game

HAM 332.4 (6)

WPG 287.1 (8)

Ave. yards passing per game

HAM 246.6 (6)

WPG 179.7 (8)

Ave. yards rushing per game

HAM 105.3 (6)

WPG 125.4 (2)


Ave. points per game allowed

HAM 23.8 (3)

WPG 26.4 (4)

Ave. yards of offence allowed

HAM 365.0 (7)

WPG 362.5 (6)

Ave. yards passing allowed

HAM 250.7 (6)

WPG 273.2 (7)

Ave. yards rushing allowed

HAM 132.2 (7)

WPG 106.9 (4)

Not to mix metaphors but

The window of opportunity closes for him here.

Hopefully a door will open for him somewhere else.

Good luck man.


It is my firm belief that

many receivers who didn't grab the brass ring
on their first ride on the Merry-Go-Round

could make it but in the opportunity they were given
they didn't make the plays they were capable of
or move up the CFL learning curve fast enough

I believe Airese was one of them, but apparently,
he didn't do enough in his few starts to stick around.

At least, he got some starts
and a chance be evaluated.

I sense he was released "reluctantly", as there is undoubtably some talent there, but he's an import.

With TC back, who's going to be getting the calls?

With a new kicker needed in camp, a WR is an easy target for Obie to release...especially one who drops passes.

Rumor has it he dropped his pink slip on his way out.

Currie has the speed which is a god given talent. If he can work on his catching he has a good chance for a pro career somewhere.

This guy didn't even make an effort to catch the ball on that interception in Calgary last week it was interference but you have to go after the ball, that lack of effort sealed the deal. Dropped his pink slip that's a good one blackandgold

He can flat out catch the ball, in traffic and in the open. He should have been in the reciever starting line up all year.

The bottom line appears to be that he got cut to make room on the roster for another import. Terry Caulley has been sitting. That cannot go on! We are getting 2 import D linemen back. Do you cut one of the starters from the past 3 games? I don’t think so. Nick Setta has been costing us games and Obie brought in an import. How do we find room for him if we are going to use 2 imports kickers? Who’s our weakest link. I don’t that was a hard choice. Sometimes its more about the numbers than the talent. One of Bauman or Grant would have gone a while ago if they were imports. The question begging to be answered is why not the practice roster for Currie? Maybe like m the brain trust believes he just doesn’t put in the effort required to fight for balls, doesn’t read the defense and adjust his patterns enough and fumbles too much to be a CFL starter.

Sorry to see him go. He definitely has great speed and it’s a shame he struggled to catch the ball. I don’t know why they kept James over Currie though. Oh well onward and upward. If they have someone better than him they have to go with it.

Good luck to him.

dont blame porters lack of skill on him...