Currently having issues with the web hosting for the forums...

The forums have been up and down since about 7 PM ET last night because the webservers have been having trouble connecting to the database that stores posts and whatnot. I got a message from Amazon AWS support:

The intermittent connectivity issues that you are facing on multiple Aurora Serverless Clusters in us-west-2 region is due to a currently on-going issue in the region.

I have added your case to the internal investigation and the internal team is actively engaged in the matter. I will monitor the investigation and let you know the updates via this case.

The reason the issue isn’t flagged on is that not all Aurora Serverless cluster seems to be affected, so the service is not fully unavailable.

On behalf of AWS, I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Please don’t hesitate to contact me back should you have any further questions , I’ll be glad to assist.

Best regards,

Aditi S.
Amazon Web Services

This is a bit out of our hands - it’s stuff controlled one layer below what we control - but we’re hoping for a quick resolution. Just FYI if you were wondering what’s going on.

A great big phooey on AWS.

Bah humbug too?

Anyway, it looks to me like they did a great job to fix it.

I noticed problems on Thursday night before and during the game, but I lucked out because was on the road most of Friday.

By Saturday morning all appeared normal.

I’ve noticed more this year than since 2009, when ISP’s began throttling service covertly before they were exposed, more problems with ordinary website access this year.

Examples include simply checking your bank account or credit card on a regular business day.

Hacking and ransomware are all too real more than ever too.

Oh the irony just as I submitted that last post.

Sully, I thought maybe it was the WiFi or my phone acting up, but no it’s this issue again.

The forum pages have been loading slowly all morning plus now we are getting errors again like late last week.