I stand by what I said, stating your opinion, once, twice, even three times is fine, but to keep bringing up the issue of how the Super Bowl is boring and the NFL is terrible post after post after post after post ... is overkill. We have had posters on here state their opinion about rule changes (it's ture) and about changing the CFL schedule to 14 games, which is fine, but it gets to be too much when they won't let the issue die.

Excuse me, about overkill. You obviously have not read my only posting on the SB:

"I didn't watch either and I am told other then the opening kickoff it was another Super Bore".

In fact, I will go on record to state how the Grey Cup was also a dud.
You my friend is the one with an inferiority complex.

Every league has its snooze fests guys, thats sports. The Indy vs NE playoff game was a classic in any league.

So you're real qualified to make that statement as usual I see. :roll: It was a pretty good game , this coming from someone who actually WATCHED it.

The game that got the Colts into the Superbowl was one of the best games I've ever seen. You don't see games much better than that one even in the CFL.

But you would have predicted , based on your NFL qualification , a 10-6 score wouldn’t you??

I see a lot more 9-6 NFL games than CFL games, that’s for sure …

Anyway, we hear SO much in the media about how the CFL is inferior to the NFL, and we hear SO much about the NFL in general, that it’s nice to see there are other people out there who are willing to point out that the mighty NFL actually DOES have flaws, too. It’s nice to know that, unlike the media, there are plenty of people out there who do NOT worship the ground the NFL walks on. As I see it, all argotom is doing is reporting the facts, by pointing out that a certain poll shows that not everyone worships the NFL. And why wouldn’t you share that with a bunch of CFL fans?

btw - and yeah, I’m taking sides - argotom said he was TOLD the superbowl was boring. I suppose he didn’t have to bring it up, but so what? If the game wasn’t actually boring, then it’s not argotom’s fault for saying so, it’s whoever’s fault for telling argotom that.

As for that Indy-NE game, it DID have a great finish. And it was one of the best games I've ever seen, too (though admittedly I didn't watch it from start to finish). Just like that Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game had the best finish I've ever seen. But on the other hand, when the Colts made it 29-17 with 12:00 to go, I told my roommate, "This game's over", and apparently it was. I said the same thing midway through the 3rd quarter of the Chicago-NO game. And yeah, I said it at halftime of the Indy-NE game - but how often DOES a team come back from 21-3 down in the NFL? What I'm saying here is, it's MUCH harder to come back in the NFL than in the CFL. And that's one of the reasons why I prefer the CFL.