..current technology and the sidelines at gametime

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I think any coach should be open to try any approach they think might give them an upper hand ... but any coach who coaches on a whim or a tip from a fan should think twice ... could be a double agent and give out some wrong advice ... or be some armchair qb that really doesn't know what they are talking about ..
Plus wouldn't that be frowned upon kinda like one team spying on another teams practices?

I'll go you one better...If he does, he probably shouldn't be a coach at all...At least not past the Peewee level!

Before resorting to fan-based technology, CFL teams might start using their own technology, similar to what is already used in the NFL. For instance, photos shot from up high, showing the full formations of the teams, are often reviewed by NFL QBs and coaches on the sidelines after a series. They take the pix from the pressbox and immediately transmit them to a printer on the field so coaches and key players can look at them. I imagine it's just a matter of time before teams start cutting and editing their own video on the fly and watching it immediately as well. Maybe it's already happening. I would prefer that none of this stuff be allowed because football is already too heavily influenced by coaches for my taste, but it's happening down south and I can easily see it happening up here as well.

Mark: I thought it was "...aspire to."

The "to" is there:

There is a minimum standard to the Queen's English that we should all aspire

Saying "aspire to" will end the sentence with a preposition, and that's punishable by endless chalkboard writing.

I'm really surprised at all the angst and hand-wringing over a few dots.

But the great news is that we live in a country with such few life and death survival concerns, such as Haiti for example, that we can focus all our energies on a few dots in a sentence that some stranger types on a keyboard.

Life is awfully good in Canada after all .....eh? :wink:

Check out the CFLPA Huddle for Haiti:


The vote on the stadium can't come soon enough. the natives are going silly

Three thoughts:

  1. Whether or not you agree that grammar matters on web posts, this thread proves that improper usage can distract people from your intended message (whether or not they post about the error). That alone is a good enough reason to aim for proper usage.

  2. I can't imagine a world where football coaches take time during during a game to check their text messages or Facebook. ("Coach - get the ball to Stala FFS")

  3. However, this thread gives me another idea. As long as we're re-fitting/rebuilding the stadium, wouldn't it be fun to install those handheld voting machines at every seat. Then we could all vote in real time on important questions, like what song should be played, or whether to run one more play on second down before attempting a field goal.