current roster thoughts ?

ANyone have any idea which free agents we are looking at ?
I hope Andy Fantuz :slight_smile: as we need an upgrade in our non imports and he upgrades our receiving corps with a much needed veteran .
Anyone have any idea who we will use to fill in Rottoer’s guard spot ? maybe Wayne Smith or a free agant ?
Who looks to be our tackles this year ? is Jiminez toast thus leaving us with Simmons and Belton ?

How about our Dline without Hickman ? Hopefully ROSE can move in there …and we can pick up another import

our LB’s seems set

What about replacing Thigpen ? Chris Williams ? Terry Grant ( if healthy ) ?
Anyone think Grant can be a factor this year ?
Do we think Jeffers can make this team ?

I’d like to see a starting corps of Fantuz , Jeffers, Williams , BK Grant with Stala and Kelly and T grant as situational players …if we don’t use the fullback then we have stala and fantuz on at the same time

I figure Hickman and Thigpen both won’t make the NFl so we should ge them back …I also hear Giguerre may want to come to the cfl soon but prefers the ALS …

I think we should bring in Anwar Stewart as he still has alot left in the tank . We also have Robert Rose who looks like a good defensive End that was playing out of position at DT .

I also think we should go after Lin J Shell and hopefully Andy Fantuz as he s from London Ontario and went to western
this was Stala and him in the middle with Chris Williams , Harris Jeffers , Bkari Garant and Aron Kelly
we can also use Terry Grant how we used Thigpen once Grant is 100 % ,Grant can also be an insurance policy in case Mallet is a disappointment …

as far as Lin J shell goes …he was cut by the ARGOS and he is a bonafide starter in the CFL at halfback

I could see MeaNs, Turrene and Young competing for one corner job and Hinds having the other since he is a non import

as far as halfbacks go i’d say the losers of corner back position battle compete with Dee Webb and possibly Lin J shell

milt collins and carlos thomas competing at safety

In a perfect world the backfield would look like this

CB1 TURRENE CB2(non import ) HINDS
MEANS Rwabukamba, Chris



With Marcel Young and Bo Smith backups or phased out

My only concern is TURRENE and MEANS still might get NFL interest …

Turrenne is a beast, you really have to be something to catch a football over this guy.

Chris Williams and Bakari Grant are our future, don’t you dare trade them away.

We need another good Canadian receiver to backup Dave Stala. We also need another mentoring receiver for our young guys.

Our line needs more depth. One injury and we are in trouble.

We need a kicker, and a good one at that.

Also, this season make the decision to cut or keep Quinton Porter.