Current NFLers, Future CFLers

This topic is to post/talk about players currently in the NFL who you think will be in the CFL in the near future.

Gabe Carimi, OL, Chicago Bears.
Vince Young, QB, Former Bills backup. On the Montreal Alouettes Neg List
Tim Tebow, QB, New York Jets.
Terrell Pryor, QB, Oakland Raiders, Used to be on the Winnipeg Bluebombers Neg List
Kevin O'Connell, QB, former New England Patriot. Related to a former Edmonton Eskimos O-linemen
Pat White, QB, former Miami Dolphin
Dennis Dixon, QB, Baltimore Ravens. On the Edmonton Eskimos Neg List

Dennis Dixon is the only guy below I would be high on as I have been for quite awhile. The Pittsburgh Steelers could come calling again this season though.

Maybe the Bears will move Carimi to guard provided that he still has decent feet.

Kevin O'Connell just has not played much and is fresh at age 28 by next season.

All others have defects in their game, including poor passing accuracy, that just won't cut it in pro football.

Here's the latest on Carimi and the drama with the offensive line in Chicago. Carimi's been benched.

That's a lot of money from the ownership to keep a guy picked in the first round in 2010 in great shape but sitting on his butt due to consistently poor play.

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Vince Young may come out of necessity due to him being broke but I doubt after making Millions that he will have much motivation and will be a bust. Tim Tebow is making the Big Bucks and although his playing days may be short due to the fact that he just is not that good he will find a more lucrative job in broadcasting most likley Given his star power.
The Lineman for the bears may have no choice but the CFL but will try to hang around long enough to get full NFL pension Benefits. It is likely that he ends up playing out his option with the bears and another NFL team will give him a shot. He may just be good enough to play OT in the CFL due to the fact that when the CFL does get a top Rush DE the NFL ultimately signs him as teams need as many rush DE/OLB as possible with all of the players they use in the rotation now.
Think about all of the best DE OLB the past 5 years that were in the CFL they are all in the NFL.
Dixon too I do not think that he will be in the right mindset to come to the CFL and would be a bust. his huge ego along with his agents tried to work deals for more than he was worth and they wheeld and dealed themselves right out of football.
Pat white would be a good consideration due to his running ability but as a passer he is suspect but he would be tough to track down in the open field.

Tebow can stay in the NFL

tebow will be heading back to the NCAA as part of espns college footballs gameday

Jason Babin anyone for a serious pass rusher?

He was just cut last past week by Philly who still sucks, and then he was picked up by awful Jacksonville and is the starter there.

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Who knows for next year when he'll be 33, but his best two seasons were in 2010 and in 2011.

His has is too old and has made too much money in the NFL to go to the CFL.

Ryan Grant?

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I would not be optimistic on him in the CFL as I cannot believe the Packers re-signed him! Geez are not there enough free agent RB's out there!

Blaine Gabbert?

He's failing in the NFL like almost all Big12 QBs who played almost entirely in a spread offence out of the shotgun formation.

I think you are right CFLSteve. Here is my latest post on him: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=72349

Former Heisman recipient Troy Smith would be perfectly tailored for the CFL game.

Aptly athletic and mobile, and adjacent with a fairly strong arm and fluid lateral mechanics, which bodes well for Canadian pivots as opposed to the formulaic NFL QB formations.

Having started in the UFL recently, the CFL would be a significant upgrade, and at 28 years of age, there is ample time to learn Canadian football nuances

Troy Smith is on the Als negotiating list.


Rex Ryan might be looking foir a coaching

Another year or so and Christian Ponder could very well be in the mix. He's struggling with his passing game and if he doesn't start getting better soon may have played his way out of the NFL. He's got some ability to move the ball with his legs. I could see a CFL team take a chance on him if he flames out of the NFL.

Carimi sucks, but so does that entire Bears line and being one of the younger guys may be one of the last ones to be let go as they try to overhaul it. The thing with Carimi is that being a high pick is that even if they do let him go, NFL teams like to recycle those players in FA as there's always guys who figure they can salvage that bust. He'll probably have another shot or two before he's out of the league entirely.

Things have been very quiet for Troy Smith in the 2012 season for the second straight season Smith was not invited to an NFL camp. The steelers had signed him to a futures contract in 2012 but was released in June before training camp. Having played 4 seasons in the NFL his minimum salary would be at just over 600k.
The last season he played was in 2010 with the 49ers and was 3-2 as a starter.
Alex Smith was named starter for 2011 and Colin Kaepernick was drafted in the second round so Smith did not fit into the the 49ers future plans.
With Charlie Batch being the starter for 2 games with injuries Smith was not called back by the steelers this year most likely has ended his NFL career.
He most likely realizes that the CFL is his best option right now and it is a good option if he chooses to continue his football career but like all other imports he will need to come into a training camp in shape and ready to play. With the play of several first year CFL players who have had decent NFL careers for 3 or 4 years. Watkins, Burnett, Simpson, Sheets, all in similar situations came in ready and were all stars in their first season.
As Import QBs go you do not see players that have had some NFL success and has started at times go to the CFL. JT O'sullivan who is a little older and has played more seasons in the NFL has done it this year at age 32 so this is something that will be fairly new for QBs but at 28 and has the ability he can get a second career started but he will have to want to. With the CFL thriving right now and on the verge of a new TV deal and having a corporate sponsor revenue stream like never though possible this could be perfect timing for a player like Troy smith to come to the CFL where if he can become a starter 400K a season is a pretty good pay check.

If Tim Tebow comes to the CFL and starts, I will never watch a game hes in. I dont need his disgusting over ambitious religious views, poses, and most of all, lack of talent tainting the CFL's image... This isnt a garbage player league. :thdn:

I really do not think that you will need to worry about that. His perhaps only coach that was a fan of his is now the coach for the Bears so I am guessing he will be off of the Als neg list and do not think that anyone would want to waste a spot on a QB that will not be coming to the CFL for so many reasons. He would be a great FB/TE now if he came to the CFL to play those positions then a coach would adjust his offense to include using him at those positions. Again tho never gona happen. For Tebow it will be QB or Bust and my bet would be on Bust

I’m wondering what the future holds for the Eagles’ 1st round pick in 2012, Danny Watkins from Kelowna. He’s had his struggles at Guard - both injury and performance - and was one of Andy Reid’s guys who’s no longer there.

The Leos drafted him in the 1st round too. I wonder if we’ll see him up here sometime?

Im sure that being a first round pick he will have some pretty good guarunteed money no matter what and would most lkley be given hsi rookie 3 year contract or whatever it is to prove himself before he comes North