Curious what a 1st round signing bonus and salary is

Just curious what a 1st round selection will receive in signing bonus and 1st year salary
What have you all heard or read thanks

League minimum and lunch money.
The players who get drafted in the first round rarely make an impact.
A good example of this is when 2013 first overall pick Linden Gaydosh went down for the season(probably his career) in training this off season, and I thought it was a huge blow (aqlong with Spencer Watt) Ticat fans basicly laughed and said he was nothing butr a bench warmer and that he wasn't even a significant loss, because he was redundant.
There are so many players out there (even Canadian players) that no one is worth anything really. 2/3rds of the first rounders in this draft will barely be heard from again... Go back and look at previous drafts. Hardly any of the names even ring a bell.

Well that's the good part, teams aren't stuck paying a huge contract for someone that doesn't pan out ie. Ryan Leaf.

That 2007 class was one weak draft. Bunch of no-names for the most part

I know the reports a couple years ago were the top 1st round drafts - were getting anywhere from 15,000- 30,000 bonus and a 1st year contract in the 60-75,000 range . I would think it has gone up with the increase in the the salary management cap .