Cups Vs Ugly Trophies.

Is it me or are we blessed here in Canada with our Royalty heritage that we have good looking Sports Trophies donated. (Okay I'm not a real big fan of Royalty but...)


The Grey Cup For CFL.......You can Drink Champagne out of it

The Super Bowl Trophy (Can you even engrave the winning team?)

Stanley Cup for Hockey.......(Same comment as CFL)

Baseballs ugly trophy.

So am I biased, or does the CFL and NHL have the best trophies?

Billysoup...What does the Vanier Cup look like? Is it along the lines of the Stanley and Grey Cups?

Other posters, if you can add more examples, I would be interested to read about them.!

I know what you are trying to say but the fact of the matter is one is a cup and the other a trophy and in baseball you win the pennant

There is a pennant for the division and league championships in baseball, but there is also a World Series trophy.....

I agree, CFL has best award and cup in sports. (better than NHL becase the GC is fancy looking)

The NBA is a huge golden ball troupy and the AFL/VFL is a small cup.

which lookings like **** IMO

Yes jm it is a trophy but no-ove ever said
The Giants win the trophy, The Giants win the trophy" :wink:

The CFL has a great cup but the stanley cup is the greatest cup/trophy in the world imo. What other big profesionnal league puts every winner of it’s trophy on the actual trophy. And the history behind it is amazing. The fact that each player that wins it gets to take it anywhere they want for a day makes it even more special.

Cept its not the real one that they get to carry around

The WFL and WHA had great trouphys too.

I just thought of the Mann Cup for Lacrosse. I think thats along the same line as the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup.

Yes the history is something else, as well as all those teams being engraved on it. Thats why I'm confused at the following:

The Super Bowl with its super hype....How come they haven't got something better?

The "World Series" (America's game as they call it) How come the winner gets that Rinky Dink tropy that looks like a building with flag poles around it.

Maybe I'm just prejudiced!

Here you go, Sporty.....the Vanier Cup.....think they just write team names and years on it - no players.....

Thanks jm02

And they can keep adding to it.

Now for my American friends...Pardon my lack of knowledge, (And Prejudices) Can they engrave the Winning team on the Superbowl and whatever they call the World series Trophy>

I think you can.


Anybody body here speak babble?
I need a translation

.....I've done translations before with RnR/wickyway.....this might be a challenge, though.....

I think it means he approves…I think

Sportsmen I may be incorrect here, but I think that the Super bowl tropy is new every year, as in they give one to the champs each year and they get to keep that. I may be way off though

I believe that they put the winning teams name on the VLT, I can't imagine why the wouldn't.

and I was in aw of the VC, something wrong?

Who puts their name on a video lottery terminal?