CUPE backing foes of lansdown

Just came out, they gave them 15g's to stop the project. Time for these big unions to be brought down a notch or 2.

Wow, that makes sense, WTF. Let's see, stop the project and have one more reason for workers not to have to work but collect pogey or what have you. Gotta love the union bosses sometimes and their sharp brains. Or maybe the laziness is so inherited in their genes now they can't help themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another aspect that's interesting is that it is said a rival developer also contributed, but the FoL claim they can't name the organization (privacy laws).

When a judge has to rule on the validity of the suit, he or she may not like seeing that. It seems far less like a citizen's group when a competitor helps fund it.

Sound more like F.O.M. (Friend of Moneydown).

I can't believe some are surprised. Of course Melnyk will throw money at these fools. It is pocket change to him.