Its this time of year when the C IN CFL stands for culture. What a cultural celebration! Next week is going to rock. I love the strong feeling of unity despite the rivalry east versus west. At the end of the day people its our only chance to celebrate being Canadian together. Along with other people that truly care about being Canadian. Not the millions of bandwagon jumpers. Two Canadian cities with actual Canadians on the field 50%.

My hope for the future is that Grey cup continue to be cultural and not total corporate!

EH!FL -get it?

Please share your cultural thoughts on ways to keep Grey cup going. Fan march as example.
Please share past stories of fun.

Honestly I would love to read a book about the stories around the grey cup. Not just players but people, every day people that make this "Sacred Journey" every year!

Right On!!!!

TSN did a story earlier this year on a female photographer, I can’t remember her name, she was going out to visit every team during the games to secure game and surrounding photos and would make it available in a book.
Don’t know why there was no follow up or at least where we could get the finished product?
Something like this should be celebrated big time.
I wonder if she has any plans around the GC week?

her name is Johany Jutras and the book is finished.
order here:

[url=] ... 8305723396[/url]