Could we see Culpepper in the CFL? He's been cut by Miami and so far no one seems interested. i personally wouldn't want him on my team. He's a walking injury.

who would want him?...hamilton, maybe?

i think, every team is satisfied with thier current starters.

thats the reason i'd NEVER want dickenson on my team, yet most people here would take him ( and his $450,000 for 6 games per season ) on thier team.

Forget Culpepper, how about the rumour that the Argos have Vick on their neg list.. he hasnt been officially suspended by the NFL, so he could still play here...

Actually I think I heard that he was suspended.

where did you hear this rumour?

A buddy of mine said it yesterday, he was full of BS... but its a good conversation starter...LOL

thought so.

yeah, vick’s not under suspension yet, but who knows.

This is the article from on Culpepper: -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have added quarterback Daunte Culpepper to their confidential negotiation list, has learned.

Culpepper is the property of the Miami Dolphins, but the six-foot-five, 265-pounder may be on the move following the team's acquisition of Trent Green this week from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Culpepper, 30, played only four games for the Dolphins last year in his first year with Miami, which acquired him from Minnesota for a second-round draft pick, because of a shoulder injury.

He later underwent surgery on the same knee, which limited him to only seven games the previous year.

Canadian Football League teams each have an exclusive 35-player negotiation list. The neg list is usually comprised of NFL players under contract and U.S. college players and allows CFL teams exclusive rights to sign those players if they become available.

looks like culpepper may find himself as glenns

for a backup? why not...

Not anymore it aint!

I think he was just told not to bother showing up for summer camp. :lol:

Vick had to surrender his pasport to go on bail. Sorry not happening.

Vick is not allowed to leave his home state, nevermind go to Toronto to play football.

Daunte Culpepper wont come to the CFL... Doesnt need to. He will get picked up

I dont know... I dont think any NFL team will take a chance on him. If the Bombers make a good offer, he might come to the CFL.

The one place in the NFL he could possibally go is Kansas City. Huard and Coyle aren't that great, but then again neither is Culpepper.

Why would any team in the CFL want Dante Culpepper?

Because if his talent level has eroded to the point nobody in the nFl wants him, then he'd be just as awful in the CFL.

Hasn't the recent history of washed up NFL big names coming to the CFL proven anything?

Unless a guy from the NFL has upside potential, and isn't on the downside of his career, then bringin another washed up NFL player to Canada will be a complete failure.
See Andre Rison, Tommy Kane, etc etc.

If Culpepper came to the CFL he'd be Mike Macmahon part duex. Another washed up NFL QB thinking he can come to the cFL, dominate like Doug Flutie, then go back to the NFL.

Sorry. It don't work that way. If Culpepper is cut from the NFL, he should start looking for a real job. Because he can't play anywhere.

I didn't like him in the NFL so my biases will probably carry over to the CFL......But, who knows, maybe he would fit the mould. I can't see him knocking off any starters (maybe with the Argo's???).