Cudos To YOu CFL Fans in Western Canada

In my opinion its you fans in Western Canada who have lead the way in the CFL's resurgance the past 10 years.

Living in southern ONtario, I find it amazing how you get behind your teams and aren't embarassed to say so.

Out here if you don't worship American sports, you're considered wierd. And if you say you follow the CFL, even though many do, you're considered wierd.

Even newspapers in this part of the country refuse to give the CFL the type of coverage it deserves. But if you want to find out who the back QB will be for Hillbilly U? No problem.

I will say that coverage of the league has gotten a bit better and a bit more positive the past few years.
But for some reason they just can't get over their American hero worship. Why, I don't know?

But its you fans out west who are to be congratulated for the CFL's resurgence. You're Canadian and not afraid to show it. Maybe you should come over here and teach people how it should be done!

....thanks man...but don't be so hard on your end of the country, the influence the states have over eastern canada in all walks of life is way more than we have here in the west...

Don't worry b99, that is why Cohon was hired, he is going to change the perception of the league in this country especially in the big markets.

The problem is that Canada has outlived its usefulness. The decline of our unique sports and culture is symptomatic of our integration into the American and Global communities...and Canada just don't cut the mustard in that world.

Don't get me wrong. I love our country, best in the world. We got free medicare and...lot's of other stuff, eh? But the CFL will have to scramble to position its brand in the 21st century and not be gobbled up in the rush to mediocrity.

As CFL fans all we can do is continue to buy season's tickets and encourage more fans to do the same...and enjoy the games! :thup:

i sure hope Cohon has the 'cohonnes' to stand up to the likes of Braley and Wettenhal ...who are already balking at the salary cap....i didn't like what he had to say in the Brian Williams interview while in the Peg....when asked when it comes down to tough issues...Marks reply was....'' we're not really dealing with issues right now' just more or less 'pumping' the league...i've been given a 5 yr term to do that"....WHAOH....I think he BETTER get his head around 'the issues'....orrrrr he'll get eaten up like Tom Wright....i think Williams was a little taken aback by his reply...along with myself.....If he thinks he can avoid conflict in his position....i think he took the wrong job ..... :roll: :roll:

I think Cohon just meant the cap issues won't be an issue until the end of week 18, when the final audits are done and the penalties come down. He takes the issue very seriously, but right now, there are too many good things going on in the league, such as Stegall's celebrations that need to overshadow all else. That's just the spin doctor in him doing what he was hired for, accentuate the positive right. It sure beats harping on the negative the way some in the press like to do regularily.

Berrezen, Vancouver was like that in the 90's. The CFL got "Postage stamp" coverage in the newspapers. When Braley hired Bobby Ackles, Ackles got out into the both the media and Business community. He brought credibillity. Fast forward to 2007. We have special CFL features on the talk shows. (Even "Pro-NHL" Dan Russel has a weekly CFL spot on his show.) The Province newspaper has a large feature every Wednesday in the paper.

It takes a long time to re-build credibility and a following. I'm sure with the right people(s) in Southern Ontario, the same can be achieved.

The West fans are great but let's not downplay the East. Hamilton has stood by their team through some really bad times. Every team has had their bad days but Hamilton's is tough to watch for a once dominating Franchise. At least for me.

Cheers to all.

Maybe for some things, but it seems to me that Alberta has a strong American "ethic" when it comes to many things like guns, religion and politics.

As great as the West is for CFL football, we also have to give credit to the resurgance of football in Quebec as based on pure numbers it is the football hotbed in Canada.
As for the CFL in Montreal and sorrounding areas, thanks go out to Larry Smith and despite some "old style tactics" Bob Wettenhall.
To me the need for a team in QC is needed and can bring back a rivalry similar to the Nords vs Habs.
Wow wouldn't that be another classic Labour Day clash.

That would make for some Great football Labor Day, by far the west fan support has dominated the CFL for the last ten years at least.

This game is really started to grow here in Quebec over the last 3 or 4 years, there are at least twice as many kids under 17 years old playing football then there was in the past.

Over the next few years the game will get more media exposer, per happs a new team, with thos 2 things the fan base can triple.

CFL fans need to be organizes: hundreds of voices have better impact![/img]

Likely due to the fact that American immigrants may be the largest "ethnic" group in Alberta.

It is incorrect to assert that Albertan's attitudes are being overly influenced by Americans, any more than people in BC or Sask. I grew up in Alberta and our attitudes were forged mainly by the Great Depression and WWII. These events hit Alberta and Sask very hard and they form the backbone of their politics and beliefs today.

We have guns to shoot bears, not people. And the Evangelical christians, so popular in the U.S. have little impact or interest here. Looking past the rhetoric, in practice Sask's NDP gov't is little different from the Alberta Conservatives or BC Liberals (who are probably the most right wing of the bunch.)

Another thing we have in common is our love of the CFL, with crowds of over 30,000 in Van, Cal and Edm last consecutive sellouts in Regina and Wpg! But didn't the Argos also have over 34,000 fans at their last game? And despite their crummy team, Hamilton was within a couple of thou from a sellout?? And Mtl sells out every game???(ok, big deal :slight_smile:)

Television ratings are also up, up...apparantly driven by southern Ontario viewers. Great numbers for the late start BC/Cal game and nearly 600,000 for the Riders/Edm game! (before CBC pulled the plug :roll: ) This a tremendous rating for a late start summer Saturday night!!

The land is strong, my friends. All the CFL franchises are on solid footing with great owners. And despite what you may read, all the teams will make money this year! Nobody is going bancrupt or moving. The new TV contract kicks in next year with a 60% increase in revenue for the teams. The SMS is in place to keep player salaries low (at about 25% of team revenues.)

What is on the horizon? It is inevitable that the league will return to Ottawa within a year or two. And an expansion francise in Quebec City is a no-brainer. That would give the league an even 10 teams, which would prevent having to play the same team 4 times during the season...

What the hell were we talking about again...? :lol:


Good post, Xvys. An appropriate combination of rambling sentiment and CFL passion.
But just to get a little deeper into the "American" aspects of Alberta, of course the depression and WWs impacted Alberta and Sask. greatly, as it did the nation and continent.
But it is not a coincidence that Alberta, in 1916, had as many people living in the province that were born in America as it had native Albertans.
About 20% of the population in each catagory.
That made "American" the largest ethnic group in Alberta during those very formative years of the Great War and the depression.
And the result is, Saskatchewan and Alberta have very different personalities to this very day, despite living side by each.

[url=] ... ration.pdf[/url]

Thanks Arius, but I don't see a big difference between Alberta and Sask's people's personality. Sask voted in-almost all Conservatives last fed election, just like Alberta and BC (although the Cons. vote did drop somewhat in BC last time.) The main difference is the higher incomes in Alberta. With regards to leftist govt's, Alberta Conservatives spend so much more on social programs as compared to the BC Liberals for instance, it aint funny.

If 20% of the population of Alberta was from the U.S. in 1916, I don't see why a sizeable number of Americans wouldn't of emigrated to Sask or BC also? Tens of thousands of Americans came to BC for sucessive gold rushes, and likely many settled in. At one time BC was part of the Oregon Territory! Let's remember that Alberta's oil boom didn't get going until after WWII, which also drew many American oil workers and executives to Alta.

I guess the point is that Albertans are not a bunch of redneck right-wing Evangelists as is often portrayed in the Eastern media. They are little different that any other Westerner, although Ontario and Quebecers are very left wing socialist in comparison.

I didn't really intend for this to become a history thread...
Anyway, Alberta has the largest ethnic American population, by % in Canada.
There are lots of reasons why Americans moved into Alberta more so than Sask.
But the main thing is to realize that while Sask was populated primarily by British (Canadians, Scots, etc) who brought with them strong socialist/labour/union values, and lots of East Europeans--Poles, Ruthinians (Ukrainians),Germans, Russians, etc, that also have a strong history of unionization and social reforms, Alberta received a much larger portion of their population from America, with their free enterprise, independent, capitalist ideals.
And by comparison to Saskatchewan, Albertans are red-necked evangilistic right-wingers.
Don't get excited--that makes us a bunch of short sighted, bible thumping Commies!
And I've been told so on a number of visits to Alberta....
Obviously, we have a great deal in common, but there are differences as well.