Cudos to the Esks

I thought the Esks would take 6 or 8 games to gel...hats off for putting basically a new team together so fast. I know many Eskimo fans were not even expecting this kind of a start to the season.

Congrats to the Esks

At the start of the season I thought there was a chance to go 2-1, with one loss in Regina for week #1 - now at this point the whole coaching staff has done a superb job and high credits to E. Tillman for that matter. Big morale and leadership in the locker/dressing room as the players believe in each other; thus focus on play execution and not bother to worry who their opponent is. The Esks will have their hands full with Burris and Co in Calgary, for the outcome I say the Stamps win in a well played game. I hope I’m wrong.

I have to give credit. I may not have always seen eye-to-eye with Tillman, but he and the coaching staff have done a great job creating a new culture in Edmonton. When you look at the last four seasons, this team was crap. There was no passion, there wasn't always chemistry. That's one thing I never liked about Richie Hall. He was a stellar DC, but he sucked as a HC. I never saw passion from him, and you have to think that trickled down to the team.

I agree that Edmonton will likely lose next week. I was thinking about this last night. With how good this team's been playing, it's going to suck when we lose our first game. :lol: I hope Edmonton wins. It'd be nice to see this team go out there fired up to get revenge for the last couple seasons when the Stamps have just embarrassed us. We'll see what happens.

The turnaround that Edmonton has made within 1 season is nothing short of miraculous and TILLMAN is one amazing GM--

After shipping Ritchie Hall out of town and cleaning house this team has a new IDENTITY- Kavis REED demands accountability from players-

Tillman is great at finding good college american players as he has done- Brandon James, Marcus henry, JC Sherrit, Rod Williams, all look like good players.

Stubler and Crandell were good hires as both are experienced with the CFL game and Crandell is very crafty with the play calls--

You give RAY time and give him BIG receivers which they now have in the 6'4 Marcus Henry 6'5 Adarius Bowman, 6'7 Jason Barnes and the Eskimos are looking like the 2005 offense which won the grey cup.

Tillman will build depth, look at receivers and running backs, you guys have 4 good running backs on the roster and teams like BC have no good running backs--

Throw in the leagues best route runner in Freddy Stamps and the ESKS are going to be the leagues top or 2nd best offense after montrreal--

Edmonton is surrounded by winners and good football people---

I love what you guys have done with the change room and the Tv's and the state of the art training and locker room in commonwealth--

That alone brings the players to a new level as they feel good with STATE of the art facility.

It took a few seasons of losing to completely CLEAN up the disaster that MACHOCHIA left behind as he mismanaged the team with personnel.

I like EDMONTON this season, I think they are the leagues best team in the WEST-- I think after you guys play Calgary a few times you guys will beat CGY near end of season as RAY is way better than Burris and overall Edmonton has the talent now-

Congrats To TILLMAN I wish BC had hired him-- That was the best move ever by EDMONTON--

Kavis Reed looks like a Junior Vince Lombardi out there, he has the players respect and complete control of the team- Gone are the days of the clueless RITCHIE HALL on the sidelines--

The only issue you guys have is DAMON DUVAL- He is erratic at best and cannot be counted on to kick fgoals consistently enough--
You guys should trade for Deangelis or Paul Macalum of BC as he is pretty clutch-

I was surprised by Henry. From the little I saw during pre-season, he didn't look that good, but he had a helluva game against BC. He may turn out to be a solid WR.

I still can't believe Duval is our kicker. Though I wouldn't want DeAngelis after last season (and he has attitude problems), and McCallum's getting up there in age. I wish we could find a young kicker to develop. Maybe we'll do that with Schiavone. Doesn't seem likely.

Gridiron Guru you've pointed out and commented on the Edmonton Eskimo's in a "PENDULUM" (so to speak) type of way. I'm looking forward to the return of Whitlock which may happen at McMahon and if not, Arkee will hit the field at Commonwealth against Toronto. Duval is a different character to say the least; shows signs of brilliance and other times he struggles. I know there will be a time he will be in the spotlight to try to send the Esk's to victory on a last second fieldgoal. I'd like to see it happen and thus split the uprights; the problem is I know he can do it.... Yikes. Will be interesting to see Ray's numbers/stats come Labour Day.