Cuban Oski Wee Wees & Waa Waas

How is this for a neat experience ..... The wife an I just got back from Playa Costa Verde in Holguin Cuba and was pleased to say the least that on at least two occassions throughout the week I heard renditions of Oski Wee from across the pool when I was wearing my Ticat white jersey and 2003 season ticket holder ball cap. One was from some actual Hamiltonians and the other group was a gaggle from Regina who thanked me profusely for sending them 1/3 of Saskatchewan Rider-Cats. It was good for a chat and a couple of cervesa :>)))

Cheers Randy

Since this has already been a long winter I am curious think of where the furthest afield place you have heard an Oski Wee Wee chant that you or your freinds haven't started. Post on and lets see who has heard it the farthest away from Hamilton.


Tampa Bay, a cab driver was from Burlington.

Someone sent me a 419 Eater, good pic on the website. From Africa. Not Whiskey Waa Waa, but our other favorite cheer.

Other really good one is the Great Wall of China.

See the Worldwide section at the Forbidden website.