just checked sundays lineup on ctv and they have there nfl game in aft then reg programing to fill the rest of the day so god only knows why they would not have televised on regular ctv
but as for tsn coverage of the GC week in calgary is a pretty good lineup starting with the vanier cup sat.
I think tsn has done a great job this past couple years I am a season ticket holder so all home games I'm at but record if ban is lifted and get to catch every other game which is awsome cbc never did this nor would any other sports channel IMO so personally I think the've done a pretty good job other than having a couple of real dunces for commentators I think cuthburt is the best it's just his sidekick sometimes just as long as it's not RB nuff said

Actually,ppl will still be able to get the signal with rabbit ears no matter what happens,at least in the States anyway.As long as you have a converter hooked up to your antenna.And if you have a newer HDTV,you wont have to do anything cause the converter is already built in.I guess watching "Ask This Old House" pays off after all. :lol: Some ppl in the States already were recieving HD signals and didnt even know it cause they had a new TV.HD apparently is a signal and has nothing to do with cable,but I guess cable companys dont want you to know that,cause they want you to buy their package.

And as far as CTV,I do wish they would have the game on the station.I still no a few oldtimers who are kinda of housebound and would like to see it,but dont have/want cable.Some of them were going to games before I was even born and feel they have paid their dues in the bleak times of the CFL only to feel deserted by progress of the CFL,Somtimes progress sucks for a small pecentage I guess.

Just wondering isnt TSN part of the basic cable in all areas of Canada.Cause In Winnipeg its been a basic staple for about 15 years at least.

It is a business. It's isn't their job to care lol, I agree.


As I posted elsewhere, I could live with watching online, if the files weren’t so frequently corrupted, especially the East and West finals. Come on…if you’re going to throw poor people a bone, does it have to be a fake plastic one? Poisonous too.

i am surprised at how many people still dont have satelite or cable in the southern alberta region. scary. I assure you its more then 1 %