we all know CTV owns TSN, and yet they play the Superbowl coast to coast and leave the Grey Cup to be relegated to Cable Television? many people in Canada don't have access to cable? plenty. if it wasn't for the internet i wouldn't be able to watch the game. is it my fault that i refuse to pay Rogers who is out to destroy my favorite piece of Canadiana? i think Tom wright signed this TV deal , and for me personally, it stinks!

Yes count we have talked about this many times and how brutal the current TV deal is and for which Tom Wright was at fault.

I'm just saying, having to watch it on th Internet is depressing...you think CTV would have stepped up, considering they want more money to produce "local" show. i wonder of they realize that the Grey cup is local?

Do you live underground? Because if not, why not just get Bell satellite instead of Rogers?

The league gets a 25% boost from TSN, but the deal is brutal… Gotta love the “Give me CFL, or Give me Death” trolls.

You know what they say: the last business to go in a dying Saskatchewan town is the bar. He ain’t got a bar to go to? Get out and socialize :rockin:

In all honesty, it WOULD make more sense to go with CTV simply because it is on all cable packages and it is free to air so the audience would likely be bigger. Also, you would connect with border cities in the US which, believe it or not, actually have some CFL fans. The other thing is that in some locales, TSN is not part of the base package so it is necessary to buy higher level packages to get it.

That being said, it ain't gonna happen, so find a friend with cable or satellite that wants to watch the game, or head to the bar (although in lots of rural areas, the bar will be closed at game time so that could be a problem).

Who the hell uses rabbit ears these days ? Come on ! BS argument, I am certain it is less than 1 percent of the population probably limited to Lada drivers.

TSN likely want's to keep the Grey Cup for themselves that's all there is to it. Can't blame them.

Interesting. I know several people who use antennae rather than pay for cable. And none of them drive Ladas. Although I must admit they usually use roof-top-antennae and free-to-air receivers, not rabbit ears. :slight_smile:

I think that just because CTV owns TSN doesn't mean there isn't some sort of competition or whatever you want to call it between the parent company and the subsidiary company. Maybe they even have separate negotiators, I dont' know.

I would still think that is a very tiny percentage, I don't mean to discount those folks but I don't think it would make a "difference" in the ratings.... I have a FTA dish in addition to Cable, hasn't worked since nagra 3 came online but that is another topic.

You know, Artie is bang on with this, I've heard this discussion a thousand times. Unless you live underground, I just don't see how anyone can miss this game, if you really wanted to see it. This isn't TSN's fault, and the last time I heard since everything went digital recently, aren't rabbit ears now completly useless? I don't know really since I couldn't be bothered, and before the entire west side starts throwing beer cans at me for saying something stupid to the crowd, I have a cabin in the north that obviously doesn't have television services, and I still cart out my Bell Expressvu. For that matter, when I am ice fishing in the middle of the lake, I put my portable T.V. in there, connect the reciever, fire up my generator and watch hockey while ice fishing, killing cold ones with a pot of stew over the wood burning stove! I highly recommend this activity by the way! My ice shack makes some the local old guys shake their heads at me, but it rocks.

OK, so you don't want to pay for it, then go to the bar! Not to your liking? Find a Grey Cup event nearby, many are televising it for free. Friends? I'm sure SOMEONE you know actually is watching it. No friends? Well, then it is official, you ARE in a minority, or else you are trying to be like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast-Away. If so, then please accept my sincere apology. :wink:

Well said, Neilca.

I think, when all of these complaints get boiled down to their essence, it is not so much that the complainers can't get the Grey Cup. Rather, it is that they can't get the Grey Cup for free.

And to that I say two things: (1) there is no such right entitling you to get this for free; and (2) if you think so little of the Grey Cup that you'll only watch it if it's free, then bugger off. The Grey Cup broadcast is not valueless - it's a top-notch product and event, certainly worth paying a little to enjoy, even if "only" on television.

I have Bell Express Vu out on the ice too......
The old school crowd think I'm a kook..... I think they're just jealous.

If you can't afford cable or satellite, then you won't be able to afford CFL tickets or be able to buy any of the stuff that is advertised during games. Therefore, neither the CFL or CTV/TSN cares about you. Sucks, but those are the facts.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Canadian TV isn't scheduled to go all digital for a few more years. It was the US that went digital this year.

Not that I care but rabbit ears still work in Canada and will for another couple of years. Only a few stations in Canada have converted to digital and run both at the same time right now. Everyone is probably procrastinating.

Beat me to it, BB.

Thanks for the clarification.