CTV/TSN screws CFL

TSN is basic cable for me, it's channel 13 or 22(I think) Depending which cable provider you go with.

But it is 13 for me.

Who provides better coverage? TSN
Who markets more? TSN

if TSN reaches all but 32% of Canadian homes, all but say 30-31% of canadian homes that have TV's. They have a fairly good reach.

Now how much of that 30% are in that under 50 Target audience? not much, and I expect those that are in there don't watch TV for anything. they have a TV for video games/movies(VCR/DVD) as they have to use bunny ears to get shows.
OR they are way out in Rural canada, same deal don't really watch TV.

Out of the target homes around 90%+ have TSN.(atleast what I am thinking)

But ohwell, TSN is the deal until 2011-2012 after which hopefully the CFL is due for a bigger payout near 30M and has 10 teams by 2014.

Another thing I just thought of about this deal.

How do Americans near the border watch the CFL? They don't get TSN ... So as of now, the only option is CBC. And if CTV won't show CFL games, that potential audience will be left out in the cold.

I am not sure whether anyone posted this, but this TSN/Sportsnet combination deal with the NFL according to insiders is worth $10M-$15M per year.
Still below the CFL deal of $16M per year.

For fewer games, mind you.

I read in the Globe the deal is between 8-10 million. Well less then the CFL got.

But what bugs me is how the CTV guy trumpets the NFL as this great sport. Greater then life itself. Hell, you'd think the NFL was bigger then hockey in Canada.

FAct is NFL ratings are below that of the CFL. The only game that draws a crowd is the Super Bowl. The rest of NFL games, especially on TSN, have done as low as 150,000 last year.

So why is a big deal for a sport that is middle of the road up here? The reason? Its from the good old USA, and thats all that matters to our media. Its embarassing

I asked that same question some time back...

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=15264]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ic&t=15264[/url]

I know last season Comcast Local (a cable-only channel seen throughout the Detroit area) aired the TSN games. It wouldn't surprise me if they'll pick up more games come the 2008 season.

Agreed berezin, it is that Canadian inferiorty complex.
Downplaying our own country for an indentical inferior product, but wait because it is American it must be better.

Whats even more embarassing is I re-read the Globe article, and CTV did pay 10-15 million per season for the NFL. Not the 8-10 million I thought.

So hOw can the NFL get almost as much as the CFL, when CFL ratings are better? Am I missing something here?

LIke you say. Its the hero worship of anything American by the CAnadian media. Next they’re gonna tell us the NFL is bigger then hockey!
It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Yes, like the lies every year during the Super Bore when we are told even by some of the stupid media here in the Center of the Universe how over 1B viewers watch the crappy game.

now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. I said it right from the announcement of the TSN/CFL deal. The CFL gets screwed over by the Canadian media. The CFL is wholly underated as an entertainment/revenue generating product. How can the networks justify the dollars they pay the NHL, and the money the Canadian networks are willing to throw at an American product (first we had Global’s sweetheart deal for the NFL the last few years, and now 2! Canadian networks are shelling out big time dough for the NFL. And all the CFL gets is $15 million a year! Come on.

The solution? I think the next time the contract is up the CFL should produce its own content and buy the time on the big networks and screw the networks.

The biggest difference between a conventional broadcaster and a cable specialty channel in terms of revenue is that the broadcaster (because it has so much more viewership)makes all of it's money from advertising. TSN also gets money per subscriber from cable and direct to home. Here's the link to exactly how many subscribers and how much national revenue comes in from advertising, it is not even half of it's revenue income.

[url=http://www.crtc.gc.ca/ENG/publications/reports/BrAnalysis/p&sp2006/individual/314600537.htm]http://www.crtc.gc.ca/ENG/publications/ ... 600537.htm[/url]

They have about 8.5 million subscribers and they bring in close to $112 million from it. The advertising income (which was actually higher than I thought) was $88 million.

Oh yeah and the biggest difference between the ESPN/ABC NFL situation and the CTV/TSN CFL situation is that you can still watch most of the NFL games on a broadcast network. After next year you won't be able to watch CFL on conventional broadcast television. Thus it is relegated to a minor league and it shouldn't be in my opinion.

TSN is basic Cable in Manitoba.

I do very much agree on one key point, the CFL did not get enough money for the amount of fans they get.

the grey cup is one of the most watched shows yearly in canada, and should also be seen as a huge deal to TSN because it's.. CANADIAN CONTENT!
that helps TSN alot, they need Canadian content and the CFL is that.

However looking at their 2006 revenues it doesn't look like they had huge room extra to spend on the CFL. this new deal is around 12M extra from TSN, leaving TSN with only 17M in pre-tax profit.
Now since the TV deal does have a RDS part to it, Something that should be noted** CBC CFL deal didn't have a French package, unless they kept RDS or intended to be on the french CBC **

The TSN deal is what? 14M from TSN and 2M from RDS?

Now if the CFL does what it should and significantly increase TSN's revenues and significantly lower the CBC's those two groups should be fighting for the CFL when this deal is done.

This deal could even be seen as sort of a gift because TSN was so good to the CFL, in 5 years the CFL better see a strong increase in their TV deal.(to 30M+ per year)

CBC didn't seem to want to help grow the CFL, TSN does. I expect TSN will help the CFL if they want to increase revenue streams, marketing, possibly things like a video game(much talked about), trying to expand the league.(in canada)

Here's a out and out lie from William Houston in yesterday's Globe and Mail (which is also owned by the same company that owns CTV, go figure):

"But CTV wins biggest, because it gets the NFL's jewel - the Super Bowl, which has been outdrawing the Grey Cup in Canada for several years.

The Superbowl has NEVER drawn more viewers than the Grey Cup in Canada. They Grey Cup outdraws the Superbowl by a million viewers. More propoganda from the American-centric Toronto media.

Why do you say that?
The CBC was not even allowed to bid on the new package.

i saw that too...william houston left out the number of french canadians who watch the grey cup on RDS so the numbers would be in the superbowls favor.... :oops:

"But CTV wins biggest, because it gets the NFL's jewel - the Super Bowl, which has been outdrawing the Grey Cup in Canada for several years.

The Superbowl has NEVER drawn more viewers than the Grey Cup in Canada. They Grey Cup outdraws the Superbowl by a million viewers. More propoganda from the American-centric Toronto media.

How can someone who is a journalist make such a glaring ommission as leaving out the RDS numbers? Totally weird. But then in journalism game, nothing should surprise me I suppose.

Earl, we are dealing with wannabee "ink stained writers" here in the Center of the Universe with their own unobjective agendas.

Houston also wrote that the NFL on Global does about the same ratings as what the CFL gets on TSN? Which is around 400,000 viewers.

Another fallacy. Because I remember reading Houston's articles during the NFL season where ratings on Global went as low as 200,000.

And on TSN, the CFL easily beat the NFL Sunday night game.

Why people like HOuston feel the need to pump up these who cares American sports is beyond me?