CTV to broadcast and webcast the parade!

CFCF12 will be airing the entire parade and webcasting it at


I on the other hand will be watching it live! :lol:

Et pour nos amis francophones ce sera a RDS: www.rds.ca.


I'm watching the live stream of the parade right now. It's giving me goosebumps.

It is not everyday that a quarter million people come out to say Thank you !
They are so deserving also. Not one issue in the last two years. I mean nothing , not one fight , not one bar brawl. Just absolute great smart individuals who loved each other enough to build a TEAM.

Very cool... and great job by CTV. Was like being there :thup:

I just got back, It was amazing

I'm anxious to see the photobucket :slight_smile:

Olé olé olé olé ... olé olé!

Another thing that impresses me is how many guys have stayed around for the extra week. Considering the problems. Very cool !

What can I say that is not covered by CTV and RDS?

Well, people lined up Ste-Catherine. I do not know how many, but surely not less than St. Patrick or Santa Claus parades. They were loud, jubilant, but very well behaved. I did not even find a single case of inappropriateness. After the trucks passed we just followed them to Place des festivals. Chiu and Lord Grey were on the back of the last truck, facing the crowd.

At Place des festivals we were entertained by the cheerleaders for a while before the MC called Mayor Tremblay, Bob Wettenhall, Larry Smith, Jim Popp and the rest of the staff. And oh, the plaza was jam-packed. Then the players were called to the stage. Some notable calls: Calvillo. Crowds went crazy and chanted AC, AC, AC. Cobourne, Cox, Richardson, Watkins, Chiu, Emry, the Francophone duo (Boulay & Proulx). When Duval was called, strangely, there was about equal crowd who cheered and jeered him. In fact, I think he was the only one who had the crowd booing. The best cheer, IMO, was for Ben Cahoon. The MC did not even have to mention his name. Did I miss them or both backup QB (McPherson and Leak) were not there?

Speech time. Mayor Tremblay, I do not think you are the kind of orator who moves the crowd with rah-rah-rah. Just deliver your speech calmly, as you usually do. Who else? Bob Wettenhall, Larry Smith, Popp, Trestman, Calvillo, Boulay, Proulx. And that is, right? No. Fans demanded Cahoon. Ca-hoon! Ca-hoon! Then there he was, front and center. Just when he said thank you, fans chanted him with “One more year! One more year!” Left him speechless for a while. After Cahoon’s speech the DJ played some dance music and the players were dancing on the stage. Who knew that Stewart was a dancer. Must be the yoga gives him flexibility.

For those who wore Habs sweater, what were you thinking? They were creamed last night, by no other that the Leafs. You guys are better off with civilian clothing. And hey, if CTV’s Brian Wilde interview with Scott Flory is aired, you might see me in the background.

Brian Wilde's interview was aired live.( PVR'd it)

In though the same about the people in Habs gear :roll:

IMO Proulx gave the best speech


Funny, my wife and I were at the parade and close to the front and I didn't hear anyone boo or jeer Duval. Infact he got one of the loudest rounds of applause of anyone. The only one who got booed was Mayor Tremblay!!

Great parade, good for you Montreal!

Thanks for the great summary hercules...I just saw the coverage on the website and it looked amazing!

I hope other fans (especially the ones from out west) see this and realize that we love our CFL team just as much as they do!

Go Als go!

I stand by my statement.

I stood on the plaza between CTV/RDS booth and the center camera platform, and I heard clearly the boos amid the cheer from the crowd.

I would not say Damon deserves the boos but it is understandable. His GC performance ranks as one of the worst GC performances by a kicker and I've watched the last 30 Grey Cups. If not for that too many men penalty his career was likely over in Montreal.

Being married to the presidents daughter kinda keeps him in montreal

Didn’t help his son Brad…

If we're fortunate enough to make it back to the big game, do you really want a guy like Duval shanking punts and missing makeable game-winning field goals? I know I don't. Most of the time, a kicker's job depends solely on his ability to execute. If the holder gets the ball down properly, it is 100% on you if you don't make a 43-yard FG. If the snap on the punt is clean and the weather isn't an issue, it is 100% on you if you shank the punt.

Calvillo had a god-awful first half but made up for it with a strong third quarter and a brilliant fourth quarter. And even then, not all of what transpired in the first half was on him. The Carter fumble was a six-point swing (we lost 3, Sask gained 3), and our coaches' typical stubbornness in not going to the run more frequently was letting Sask tee off in pass rush.

I'm not absolving A.C. of his first-half performance, because it was truly wretched, the worst I've seen from him this season. But there were other factors at work. In Duval's case, there were no other factors at work. In the biggest game of the year, our import kicker played like absolute garbage and almost cost us the championship.

If this is what we can expect from Duval at crunch time, I'd rather try to find a good Canadian kicker and free that import spot up for someone else.

Well the second shanked punt I think it was Lucas who came off the edge untouched and our long snaps are not the fastest so he shanked it but really had it been just about anyone else it would have been blocked.

The 43 yard missed FG well gould have been the flags ? So for me its tough to blame him. One thing is for sure he has great ability... maybe Anwar needs to drag him out to Yoga class :slight_smile:

I'm not ready to get on Duval that much either. I mean, during the season, he was the best punter/kicker in the league.

I have completely forgiven AC for 6 bad Grey Cup performances (yes, I even think he was brutal in the 2002 win) so I'm not going to run Damon out of town after 1 mediocre performance in the big game.