CTV Poll: Toronto's favourite sports team


Vote Argos.

Of course the Argos are losing in such a poll (not that I'm happy about it). When it comes to sports teams in Toronto, the Cardinal rule is, "Thou must bow down before the Leafs." Sure, they haven't won a Stanley Cup in four decades, but the sporting sheep of this burg still flock to them. :roll:

Obviously the Leafs will win. Second place will go to the most "fad" team, hence the Raptors. Hopefully the Argos can beat out the Jays for third ... but I'm pretty pessimistic about that.

Even before looking at the poll, I was sure they would forget my favorite T.O. team:

NLL - Toronto Rock !

NLL Champs in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 & 2005 ! How could they have forgot them, they also have an average attendance of 15,900 this year.

Wow … sure there have been only about 600 votes, but the Jays are first, TORONTO FC is second??? And the Leafs are THIRD?!? At least the Argos beat the Raptors …

the only decent real canadians in toronto are argo fans.

The rest should be kicked out of canada.

These polls mean nothing. Someone who is influential or whatever just tells his friends to go online and vote for such and such a team to skew the results.

They mean nothing.

Which would explain the Jays beating the Leafs.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over these unscientific polls.

kind of like this thread … ? Had the Argos not been in last place, would it be meaningfull then? If you add up the annual attendance, it would be a pretty accurate reflection. (if soccer continues to draw of course)


But the poll doesn't really mean nothing. I'm a huge TFC fan and I can agree that it's bs that they are 2nd.

Oh are they part of Canada!~)

Red you are right, Toronto I am afraid is not part of Canada.
It's a wannabee.
As for the Toronto FC, the novilty will wear off and I give them 3 years maximum.
Does anyone remember Paul Godfrey's Toronto Phantoms.
It was declared as American Football in the Arena League, a can't miss proposition.
Yea right.

Oh yeah, tom. I remember the Phantoms. Apparently, Godfrey adopted the Ti-Cat offensive philosophy: two (years) and out. :lol:

mongo, it was so bad that the players would personally introduce themselves to the few fans. Overall, there were more players combined for the two teams then the fans.
This is what we can call a "dog with fleas".

Must've been some leftover fleas from their "New England Sea Dog" days.

Same thing can be said about NFL Europa as they have renamed it.
I heard it cost the owners of the No Fun League $60M annually to run.
Wow, what a waste of money.

Shouldn’t they just call it “NFL Deutsch”? I mean, seriously, take out Amsterdam, and every freakin’ team is in Germany. :roll:

Um, sure the Blue Jays may have the most people at their games over a season, but they also have 81 home games ...

Frankly, I'd bet that the best average home game attendance in Toronto belongs to the Argos. Sure, the Leafs would probably have better average attendance than the Argos if the ACC was 10,000 seats bigger. But I'm sure the Jays don't average more than 20,000 per home game. And they use the same stadium as the Argos!

I too think the MLS novelty will wear off ... I still hate the MLS. I like Toronto FC, of course, because at least they're Canadian. But I'm incredibly jealous of how easy it was for them to get a stadium, and how hard it is for any CFL team ...

One reason, Kev: the Leafs conned the city into building it. Sure it's supposed to be for the CSA, but it's just another item in Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment's real estate asset/holdings list.

I'm still not understanding everyone's position that MLSE acted inappropriately in any way in getting that stadium.

feds: $27.5M
prov: $8M
city: $9.8M
MLSE: $18M + cost overruns

Almost a third of the stadium was paid for by the private sector, only slightly less than Asper's stadium. To my knowledge, Asper hasn't volunteered to handle cost overruns. So what if they got to sell the naming rights for more than $18M? That's great! It will encourage the private sector to put money into stadiums if they can potentially realize a profit, plus it keeps constuction costs down since corporations have incentives to keep costs low.

MLSE doesn't own the stadium; Toronto owns it while MLSE operates it. They're doing toronto a favour by operating it because governments don't know what the hell they're doing when it comes to operating stadiums.

In conclusion: the feds and the province get a soccer-specific venue for the FIFA U-20s, paying 50 cents on the dollar (a better deal than Asper's offering), the city of toronto gets ownership of a state of the art venue for less than $10M, and MLSE and the fans in toronto have a place for their soccer team to play.

If CFL cities could put forward a solid business plan like this, believe me, you'd see plenty of stadiums going up.