CTV is sure hammering the Superbowl!

I just saw a beautiful ad for the Superbowl on the comedy network of all places. CTV is certainly pulling out all the stops to promote the SB.

I sure hope they give the CFL the same consideration next year now that the all sports network CTV owns (TSN) is the exclusive home of the CFL and the Grey Cup.

They certainly didn't give the Grey Cup that kind of exposure last year, even though TSN was the exclusive rights provider of all CFL games.

Maybe its because CTV didnt air the the Grey Cup last year

Not to mention I've been seeing GC 08 ads through the NFL playoffs...

The amount of Canadian media coverage of the NFL playoffs and SB is amazing. TSN has a four-man team down there already with hourly updates. I would estimate than these games are given 10 times the media coverage of the GC or CFL playoff games. The NFL is big, Big, BIG!

Our local Lions radio station gave the NFL Division final games an incredible buildup, dominating the conversation, morning, noon and night, with ads, station promos and wall-to-wall hype. For the CFL Div. finals, you were lucky to even hear the final scores being broadcast, then they were dropped like a hot potatoe.

There's a lot of media backrooming going on right now with the NFL and media in Canada. I don't see this as necessarily bad but yes, more CFL coverage would be great.

There have only been Grey Cup ads on TSN, not on CTV or its affiliated networks. And its not some glossy NFL films type ad, its a hokey compilation of fans finishing with th phrase "the Grey Cup" has a new home in '08 on TSN".

Just read Houstons column, check out what else CTV is doing:

I can only hope the CTV group of companies will show the Grey Cup the same kind of respect (or better, since it pulls in a million more viewers than the Superbowl) in '08.

From Thursday's Globe and Mail

William Houston
January 30, 2008 at 8:58 PM EST

Canadian television has never given the Super Bowl the level of hype and hoopla seen this week.

The rights holder, CTV, is promoting and carrying content on four of its media platforms as well as airing programming on the main network.

CTV's sports channel, TSN, has sent four broadcasters to Phoenix, where SportsCentre has been based since Monday. ESPN Classic Canada, also owned by CTV, will begin a Super Bowl marathon of vintage telecasts tomorrow. The cable news channel, CTV NewsNet, is also airing reports.

As well, CTV News is providing coverage. Canada AM will begin airing features this morning, although it's unclear what Joe Theismann, the broadcaster and former CFL and NFL quarterback, knows about Super Bowl party tips.

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Tom Brady
CTV's eTalk will put a celebrity spin on the coverage. Another show, Fashion Television, will explore "the history, marketing, design and branding of NFL uniforms." And during the game telecast (New England Patriots-New York Giants), there will be content on CTV.ca.

And the more emphasis we give to the NFL in the media, maybe the more the NFL publicity boys will talk about the CFL.

Hey guys, tomorrow at the SB in commish Goodell’s address, I think we are going to hear for the first time 2 CFL teams mentioned with the Bills games in Toronto. Don’t underestimate this at all, really, this is very, very good!!! This will be on NFL network and on every major network sports news all across the US.

ever watched the superbowl in the US? it's great. i personally love the commercials.the commercials are terrible here, and they are gonna be even worse with CTV giving a news up date every commercial break.

Why is it that of any major sports championship games, the commercials in football for the SB are talked about but not nearly as much in NBA, MLB or NHL?

Commercials might be entertaining, or otherwise, but really I don't care to be honest. Well, unless there are scantily clad ladies I suppose, then yes, it's important to watch. :wink:

While you are seeing some cross promotional activities with the CTV and its sister companies. It is important to realize that these are all independent reporting companies.

The comment about TSN going to superbowl is goofy at best…they were there last year.

I am waiting to see if the CFL games that don’t get broadcast on TSN will be picked up by CTV…hoepfully

TSN has been promoting the Grey Cup already, telling everyone it has a new home. I dont see what the fuss is all about here, because why wouldn't CTV promote the Super Bowl? It would make me wonder more why they didnt promote the game if they plan on broadcasting it.

It would be almost like Rogers Sportsnet not going overboard to promote and cover the Blue Jays when they own the team. That would be ridiculous.

I'm betting the Grey Cup doesn't see the same hype.

Not even close. While new Canadians may be swayed by the media's luv affair with the NFL...traditional football fans still strongly prefer the CFL. I just hope we don't die out before some new fans can take our place...?

Incidentally, CTV ran slick ads for their NFL Sunday games during TSN's CFL broadcasts last year, despite TSN televising a competing CFL game in the same Sunday timeslot. CTV was tapping into the huge CFL audience to entice them to watch the NFL instead.

Earl don't bet on the CFL teams being mentioned.
Yukoner you are correct, the fact that TSN although earlier during the new contract signing was rumored to carry the Grey Cup simulcast with the mother CTV network, then changed its mind proves the pecking order.