CTV has no pro sports

how come CTV doesn't show any pro sports on there station.all they show is figure skating and some golf.why can't they show some football

Because TSN owns the rights and can sell them (Like to CBC) to whomever they want.

You should ask CTV that question! LOL

CTV owns TSN, if they wanted CFL they'd have it

Like some have previously said, here is hoping the main CTV network shows the CFL playoffs and Grey Cup.

Which makes perfect sense. TSN = Sports
CTV = Other shows

No it doesn't make perfect sense. CTV is on over the airwaves and reaches significantly more households. It'd be in the CFL's best interests to get as many TSN produced games as possible aired on CTV.

In areas with no cable (Such as where I am) we are on Satellite dish. I choose the sports packages, TSN, Sportsnet etc. My neighbour could care less about Sports. So it wouldn't matter if the CFL was on TSN or CTV, they wouldn't watch it.

The sports fans in the "Isolated " Areas will subscribe to TSN if they really want it.

Yeah but what about potential viewers? The CFL should look to continue to grow its fanbase.

But advertisers like directed target audiences, narrowcasting as they call it, as they have a better idea of the wants and wishes of this audience compared with a general audience.


TSN is for sports
CTV is for junk like entertainment tonight and reality junk!

hey CTV has good shows.. other then CSI and Corner gas can't really think of many... occasional good movies late night like James bonds and good news coverage.

But ya, CTV will show sports if TSN can't cover it all(like when the olympics come to town) and CTV will likely show the Grey cup(as TSN) that also leaves TSN free to Broadcast hockey or NFL football.(or some other thing like paintball lol)

Why does the CFL need to reach out more? if you live in the country and don't know anyone with a dish then you can get one and get TSN. But the % of population in Canada that don't have access to a bar that has Cable and puts on Football games is very low.

if 95% of canadians(atleast)(over 30M) can easily go a bar.
90% of canadians live 200KM from the Border and Edmonton is outside that Range as is St.Johns Newfoundland, red deer and Calgary is close to out.

that is between 1.5-3M in metro area's that can be added to that 90%, so that easily gives 95-96% of canadians in easy access of a TV that can play the games.

if your 200KM from the border you have got to be within 50KM of bar who has a TV.

What's the point of having a TV if you live in the middle of no-where and you don't hae basic channels? just watch CBC 24/7?

87% of canadians households have Cable. that means at most the CFL would be missing out on 13% of canadian households, however that means those 13% don't have a friend within a 30-40 minute Drive who has Cable and is a CFL fan(highly unlikely). the amount of CFL fans who don't have Cable or aren't in distance of a sports bar? very low. so it doesn't matter.