CTV Getting More For Super Bowl Ads Then Grey Cup?

REad in the Globe and Mail that CTV is selling ads for 130,000 dollars a minute for the upcoming Super Bowl game.

This is much more than what CBC got for the Grey Cup game. Which I think was around 75,000 per minute.

But when you compare TV numbers, the CFL beat the NFL in the regualar season ratings. They beat the NFL in the playoff ratings. And the Super Bowl and Grey Cup draw comparable numbers.

So why would advertisers in Canada pay more for an inferior TV product like the NFL over our own more popular league? That is the million dollar question, figuratively speaking.

Maybe its because CBC didnt ask for enough

And they advertise their own programming rather than outsiders paying advertising dollars.

The CFL always sells itself short.
They signed a decent TV deal with TSN, but should have allowed other bids to jack up the price.

I mean TSN is paying something like 40 million a year for the NHL.
CBC is paying the NHL similar money.
The CFL should get at least half that much, which is around 20 million a year.

If they had two networks carrying their games, it could have gone to 25 million a year.

Why they jumped at 15 million without looking at other bids is beyond me?

I believe that a lot of it (the price discrepancy) is because a lot of Canadians still think that the NFL is a better league, that the commercials will be great (even thought the CRTC blocks out the American signal (most Canadians don't even see the US commercials).
The rest is marketing hype... The Super bowl has a "super" name. A "super" is better than a "Cup" (even a cup that has an almost 100 year history like ours).

I am also disappointed that the super bowel is so expensive to broadcast, especially compared to the Grey Cup.

I just hope that the Giants beat the glitter of New England...

The SB is probably far more expensive to air for CTV so they have to charge more for advertising.

Thats because the spots are open/unsold

As rp says, I’m sure any broadcaster carrying the SB has to fork over huge, huge dollars to carry it and therefore the price of advertising is huge. Whereas for the GC, the advertisers know what the score is and will only pay up to a certain point. Obviously not just a numbers game here.

rpaege, Earl - exactly. The cost of carrying an event like the SB is much higher than that of the Grey Cup. That cost is transferred back to the client (advertisers) by way of increased fees. It really has nothing to do with the advertisers preferring one over the other or what fans see as superior.
The SB has higher production costs. It's a bigger event commanding more $$$. If you to broadcast at that time you pay what they ask - it's that simple.

I hope that is the case.
Because awhile back in a Toronto newspaper I read the reason the NFL gets more is because advertisers consider it a more prestigious event then the Grey Cup.
And if thats the case, its the CFL's fault for not blowing their own horn harder.

berezin, speaking from an advertiser point of view and say like Ford or GM where you sell your product in both the US and Canada, it would only make sense that you would pay much more since the SB gets so many more viewers from the US than a GC would get there so your ad reaches millions and millions more people. So in this case, assuming presitige equals numbers of potential buyers, without question the SB is more prestigious obviously.

The CTV only broadcasts to Canadians, so these commercials are only seen in Canada.
To roughly the same number of viewers the Grey Cup gets. Yet they charge more for ads then the Grey Cup?

And if its true as I read that it costs more to get the Super Bowl rights then the Grey Cup rights, then the CfL should jack up the GRey Cup rights fees to at least equal the Super Bowl. Makes sense to me.

I understand your logic there berezin and I agree. But why then doesn’t the CFL do the obvious thing therefore and jack up the GC rights fees as you say?

Personally I think we should be happy that the Grey Cup has sponsors in the first place.
It doesn't matter that they pay more for the stupor Bowl.

I remember reading a William Houston column (Globe and Mail) a while back where he asked some expert in marketing about the disparity between what Canadian advertizers are willing to pay for Grey Cup ads versus Super Bowl ads...even though more people watch the Grey Cup.

Basically the marketing guy just shrugged his shoulders and said 'they're willing to pay more for the Super Bowl than the Grey Cup'. He cou'dn't offer anything logical or scientific, just that people were willing to pay more.

Hard to understand eh?

Whats even more ironic is that most people I know watch the cable feeds from the US because the ads are funnier on US tv than on Canadian tv.

I think these advertizers are getting duped a little. But hard to fault CTV or Global for not getting as much $$ as they can I guess.

The bigger thing next year will be if they keep the Grey Cup on TSN or show it on the full CTV network.

I remember once talking with a lawyer who told me that real estate developers basically just toss around numbers sometimes in their heads along the lines of "ok, I think we can get this much for a 2 storey, 3 bedroom, 40 foot wide lot house in this development." Not really all that scientific, just what they think they can get. But then decisions based on years of knowledge and knowing the market, talking with people in the know etc.

Well it will be interesting to see what happens in 3 or 4 years. The speciality channels and some cable companies are lobbying hard to eliminate the simucast requirement to having to broadcast the same signal across both the American and Canadian stations. If they get it that stipulation removed, it will reduce the revenue for the available for Canadian stations and Canadian will finally be able to see all the great american commericals. I can't see a Canadian tuning into a pizza pizza commericial during the SB when they could have a Bud commerical.

The cost of production of the Super Bowl is paid for by the American TV network broadcasting the game. CTV just pays a rights fee to pick up the American feed. No extra production costs there.

The fact is that Canadian corporations will pay more to have their product advertised on the Super Bowl versus the Grey Cup.

There is more than just huge numbers, like who is watching, active and rich 18-34 yr olds...or grey-hair old men?

The ratings quoted for the Super Bowl and Grey Cup are actually for the halftime show, not the game. The 15 minute peak audience spikes radically during halftime (especially for the SB).

The number of people who watch a large portion of the game are much higher for the Grey Cup. Most people tune into the Super Bowl for a short period (halftime), then switch the channel.

The CFL generated record advertising revenue during the regular season. CBC said had unprecedented demand for advertising in the GC, with all ad spots soldout (the CBC runs station promos on purpose to tap into this huge audience). CBC said they soldout all the GC ads for record revenues this year.

Not bad for just a bunch of stuble-jumpers...

Don't you know it is un-Canadian to first talk positively about anything we do up here.
And second, to actually give facts to support your claims?

The Canadian way is to run down whatever we do and use broad generalizations and fallacies to prove how worthless we are. And facts be damned!

IN fact this type of behaviour gets you a job as sports writer with a major Canadian newspaper!

So come on. Get with the program!Or the Sun or Globe will never hire you.