CTV Canada AM & Beverly Thomson, ouch

Hey, I don't go to the Statford Festival theatre but if I was a journalist and had to do a story about the growth of theatre in southern Ontario, I'd sure to be sure that I knew that the Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake was going on at the same time as the Stratford Festival. It doesn't take too many brains to research this.

Not a big deal but she came across totally uneducated to me and that should be a cardinal sin for any journalist reporting on whatever.

To say that she isn't a sports person and shouldn't have to know that the CFL is started. Hey I would agree with you. There are a large number of Canadians who don't know the CFL is playing and that is fine to.

However, to do a sports related story and add commentary related to the story, you she should have done some basic research. Although it isn't on the same level, I beleive it Tom Brokaw (sp) who during the first Gulf war started the story the Iraqi's had started to shot their SCUD missiles Israel, however, he took the story one step further, and actually stated they contained chemical agents. It took a long time for him to get his creditibility back.

Talking heads have a responsibility and obligation to get the story straight or face the ridicule.

...and I find it sad that people will find anything to jump on a bandwagon to complain about. She made an error - BFD...

Mike, true about Tom Browkaw saying this about those missiles? Wow, not good, not good at all.

Beverly is fine, I like her and her credibility is fine also, we aren't talking war issues and national security for pete sakes. But she made enough of an error on this that I feel I have the right to point this out, if it wasn't a story she was doing that's different, if she was just talking to Jeff to fill in some 20 seconds of air time, but she ran a football story so I assume she had to have done some prior research/reading on football to run the story, no?

I agree with jm.. she made an error, its not like others don't make mistakes either... no big deal. Yes, maybe she should have doen a little more research, but that is why you have those people in a newsroom...

Because she's talking about sports.

If a sportscaster is asked to fill in for the Ottawa correspondent, he'd better find out who the Prime Minister is.

re rftt wrote-This woman is newswoman who obviously
has seen the T.V. ad announcing that

“the football season is just around the corner”
This is it ITS ROGERS FAULT for running the MIS info commercial about the nfl .

I got interviewed by her, she did quite a good job.

She’s like all those people at the NFL game in Toronot tonight. They go for the hype, not the actual sport. I watched a few minutes of that game on CITy-TV. I guess the players are better, but unless I was an expert, I couldn’t tell the difference between the ARgos and the Bills talent wise. Except for the fact the NFL game appears to go in slow motion compaerd to the CFL.

OH is that on didn't know not going to watch. I am watching the cfl.

I just watched for a couple of minutes.
I cannot imagine paying 200 bucks to watch that. A two yard run up the gut, followed by a three yard run to the left, followed by a three yard pass. These three plays took forever. Even the crowd seems dead.
This game could be the best advertising the CFL ever gets. The Emperor is being exposed.

Don't expect it to get much coverage. It only gets hyped before the game, not after. Nobody will remember it was a snore-fest when it comes time to sell tickets for the next one.

As for our journalist (and the point of this thread), I'm sure it's not a mistake she will repeat, even though it was pretty minor. I say Earl send her a nice email forgiving her and letting her know he's a big fan :smiley:

I'm just glad her partner pointed it out that the CFL season has already started ....

A mistake is a mistake, no big deal. But I HATE it when people in Canada start talking about football "starting" in September. THAT is ignorance, because it's usually football fans who say that, and if they're ANY type of football fan up here they should know about the CFL.

So I'm glad her co-host corrected her ... gets the word out.

You hit it right on the head. Its all advertising. NFL could care less abotu history, and the sooner a league that predates them is out of their way the better. All i say is lets have a game at Canadian rules between a team of equal stature in their respective leagues CFL vs NFL, once and for all.

Give her a break......some of the CFL refs don't even know the season has started.