CTV Canada AM & Beverly Thomson, ouch

Listening to Canada AM this morning on CTV whose parent company BellGlobeMedia I think owns TSN as well. And one of the co-hosts, Beverly Thomson, who I like and who I still like, starts talking about a story about football players and cardiovascular shape and they ran a story interviewing an ex NFL player. Anyways, Beverly states that now that football season is just starting up ... And, of course, as a CFL fan, I couldn't believe she was saying this knowing we are well into the season. And then Jeff Hutcheson, the other co-host, politely reminded her that the CFL season is well into the season already and she didn't know what to say, starting then talking about the pre-season Bills-Steelers game tomorrow night.

Hey Beverly, love you girl but man, did you ever look real ignorant this morning on national Canadian TV not knowing about our own Canadian Football League. Embarrassing, yikes.

Sad. Just really really sad.

She must not be into football, and saw the nfl promo, on rogers Cable, that's the culprit, they are saying football season is just starting.she was most likely going by the script, kudos to Jeff Hutcheson,For Being a CFL fan and outing himself on National T.V,,,,, Lets face it in the GTA that's the Talk , usually when i point out that the CFL already started, folks agree but its just CFL ,THE NFL, NCAA, and CIS haven't yet, and Football season will soon be in full swing. Thats the way it is in GTA

I know plenty of women who don't know it's football season for the CFL...this is no big deal to me, really.

This is sad and frankly quite common here in the Southern Ontario media.
I have heard it quite often, on radio and TV.

Exactly, and it's been nicely explained by massdestruction

She must not be into football, and saw the nfl promo, on rogers Cable,

that's the culprit,

they are saying football
season is just starting.

she was most likely
going by the script..

I agree it's not a big deal. But I know for myself personally, if I was on national TV regardless if I'm a fan or not of whatever sport and league and made an error like this, and it was an error, I would be peeved at myself for making the error of not knowing something this basic when running a story. Again, nothing to do with if your a fan but you have to have some general knowledge about your own country I think if you're going to start talking like you know something about something. I'd be pissed at myself for making such an error in public in her position.

As far as I am concerned this has nothing to do with her being a woman. And hint that is part of the reason or excuse is wrong.

This is her doing a story on football players and the cardovascular shape. A good reporter and even news desk person, should take the time to do some back ground work to get the facts straight. To me it shows she is more a talking head then someone who understands what they are talking about.

Don't they have story editors there? You'd think she would have run this by somebody, especially since it appears they write, or borrow their own copy. Where was the producer?

This is just sloppy reporting. Nothing less. No excuses. At least her co-host was on the ball and spoke up.

Part of this bothers me, part of it doesn't.

To be fair, football is a fall sport. Football season really does begin in the fall for everybody but the CFL. NFL, NCAA, CIS, High School, Junior, and Minor football. The CFL ommission is a little saddening though.

Are any of them professional journalists who are paid and EXPECTED TO know this??

Nope, but I still see it as a very minute deal. She obviously has no interest in the CFL whatsoever, and I have no issue with that. If she isn't interested, and only hears about the NFL because it is so prominent in North American media, it's not a stretch to figure out that when she ad-libs, she'd ad-lib about the NFL season rather than the CFL season.

Question, though...why would a professional journalist on a news talk show be "expected" to know about sports? I know sport journalists who know little about newsworthy current events...should they be "expected" to change?

Here in London today I saw a bar advertising the fact that "the football season is just around the corner". So its not just this poor woman.
I think this shows more a lack of knowledge about football in general in this country.

Just one more indication that the NFL is all about advertising, publicity, and blowing their own horn to the exclusion of all else.

It's not going to change. You will never see the NFL mentioning any alternative. It's what they do in the States, what they did in Europe. They can afford to flood the media, and it's worked for them, so why change?

That would only matter if she was a sportscaster

I see our Canadian inferiority complex
is alive an well in some of you folks.

This woman is newswoman who obviously
has seen the T.V. ad announcing that

"the football season is just around the corner"

She made a spontaneous, off the cuff remark
based on what appeared obviously true to her.

Why are so many of you looking for 'hidden meaning?'

Why do some of you expect her to be
a fountainhead of all knowledge?

Nobody is suggesting she be a "fountainhead of all knowledge", nor was it, according to Earl's original post, an "off the cuff remark".

She was introducing a story about cardiovascular fitness which contained an interview. This wasn't wrap up banter at the end of the show. This was reportage.

Normally, copy for story intro and extros is written well before the segment. In this case though, she likely wrote her own copy and failed to have it reread by a producer or someone who would actually know what she was talking about.

She goofed, plain and simple, and she was apparently corrected by her colleague. Certainly she cam be forgiven for know knowing enough about football to comment on it, but she really should have had it looked at by another set of knowledgeable eyes first.

It's not a big thing, but one that she could have avoided.

Any journalist should know the topic they are talkning about. If they do not, then they look like unprofessional fools.

A journalist should NEVER, EVER assume anything.

Wow, a mainstream journalist totally snubbed the CFL? I’m in shock. :rolleyes:

Because to be a good and respected journalist of any kind one is supposed to be knowledgeable on at least basic current events. And i just find it sad that a Canadian journalist doesn't even know it's CFL season!