CTV Atlantic poll for the Schooners

Go to: CTV Atlantic poll voting open until Dec 9th.


Vote in favour of building the Schooners Stadium!

Didn’t see a poll on the page that was linked.

I’m so tired about this Halifax expansion bid. I’ve never seen a city be so difficult when it comes to adding a sports team to a community which benefits the city with added jobs, infrastructure, money to local business and entertainment. If this number of $20million is correct then its pathetic. Its such a small amount in the grand scheme of things. Wake up Halifax!

You have to scroll down a little bit to find the poll.

I have to agree that it makes that city look like a can’t-do place where nobody would want to live or do business. I’m sure it’s beautiful and has some other good points, but when it can’t even build a very basic small stadium for its citizenry, it sends a terrible message.

I in my heart of hearts believe a majority of counselors WANT this to happen, They understand its only going to come around every 20 years and it should have happened 20 years ago. So Halifax depending how you want to spin the CTV poll and if I am reading it correctly, 60% want a flippin stadium. its going to cost you 1/10 of a library, I live in Ottawa but my gut tells me your CFL Team will rival the Rough Riders in support, just say’n…

Should Halifax contribute $20 million to build a CFL stadium?

[tr][td]Yes. It’s a reasonable contribution for a facility that will benefit the city.[/td]
[td](40 %)[/td]
[tr][td]No. A stadium should be built, but without municipal funding.[/td]
[td](20 %)[/td]
[tr][td]Halifax doesn’t need a football stadium.[/td]
[td](39 %)[/td]

The answers are not equal nor is the question really valid as 20 million does not really get you a CFL stadium it gets you a community stadium as well .

The yes is for a facility for the city with 20 million . It says it benefits the whole community .

The no is for a stadium but no money . Why would private money build a community stadium to use as well ? Can the citizens stop a stadium from being built with private funds . It invites people to agree with a negative . Well who wouldn’t agree with that if it actually works that way . I want to build a new road but I don’t want to pay for it . Okay I choose that .

The third is about a football stadium alone and not a community stadium to be used for multiple entertainment events and sports .

The third makes football the lone reason for building a stadium and no other events .

It invites anyone not interested in football to answer NO . The majority of citizens in any community not in Texas most likely don’t like football .

Looks like there’s more yes than no, I say build it, they hey sayers will get over it fast, things are forgotten quickly these days

Technically the last option is true.

Halifax doesn`t need a football stadium.

Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily against building one.

Otherwise, they should have been more specific.

No poll to which you respond on the Internet has any statistical validity … nice bits of information, but the numbers reflect NOTHING in terms of the truth that is out there.

Yes, this poll means nothing in terms of influencing councillors on who will vote where tomorrow. Those on either side are mostly decided already.

Considering the council is not actually being asked to contribute 20 million towards the CFL stadium tomorrow, it does make some nice click bait for CTV’s site…which I bit too.

Thanks buddy!! all I did was paste the results compiled. However, most poll results posted on any topic show a trend!! This one does for sure! Cheers!

Apologies if you took it as a personal attack … was just pointing out that the discussion of “what it means” and how the poll numbers would impact the process is irrelevant as the numbers have no substance … might as well have polled the lineup for the washroom at a Mooseheads game … statistically valid polls show trends as there is statistical rigorous in the collection of the data … online polls reflect nothing more than who was motivated enough to logon to respond and how often they did so.

Halifax should host two games this upcoming year. The first can be a Sask vs Winnipeg exhibition game. I imagine there’s folks living out there from these football-crazed provinces that would build some buzz for the game. The second should be an Ottawa vs Hamilton regular season game. Again, two cities that have done football well. Ottawa shows that an expansion team can work and be successful.