CTV anti-CFL?

I still don’t understand why CTV doesn’t broadcast the grey cup? and what is even worse is that during the game they ran ads about their upcoming broadcast of the superbowl!! that drove me nuts.

We have been asking this very same question since the deal was signed under the Wright regime?
It should have been mandated in the contract period.

Or they could have left it with CBC

that would work for sure but they got alot more money from the tsn contract, but they get less exposer for the big game. if they renew this contract with tsn (ctv globe media) when the current one expires, THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT MANDATORY THAT CTV BROADCASTS THE GREY CUP. it it completely unacceptable that the biggest game was not available to every canadian possible.

Except the CBC was not allowed to bid.

Honestly I laugh whenever I see complaints about TSN doing this and not doing that. The cheers were long and load here when it was announced that TSN had exclusive rights the games....

I said it then and I say it now! Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it

I'll hold judgement till I see the numbers, then compare with what CBC did?

Lodge a complaint with the CRTC. I believe they govern Canadian content rules. Send a complaint to CTV. Let your voice be heard! :cowboy:

How does having the Grey Cup on TSN viloate Canadian content rules?

the point i was trying to make was how ridiculous it is that CTV is broadcasting the super bowl and not the grey cup. would they get bigger numbers in canada for the super bowl rather than the grey cup? does anyone have numbers for how many canadians watch the super bowl?

I was referring to CTV. CTV is a national broadcaster. National broadcasters have to air Canadian content as a part of their license. It's so typically Canadian that we have a natioinal broadcaster that won't air the Grey Cup. TSN is a "narrow caster", as it only transmits its signal via cable. As fans, we need to lobby CTV to carry the game. :cowboy:

Fine but neither of them are violating Canadian content rules

CTV (and Global before them) paid more for the NFL's rights, and yet they actually get far fewer viewers for games than TSN's CFL game. An average mid season NFL game nets out at about 250,000 viewers and the Superbowl has never done better than the Grey Cup.

And don't be fooled...some sports 'journalists' (i.e. William Houston of the Globe and Mail) will try to tell you that the Super Bowl does better than the Grey Cup. It doesn't. What they often do is quote the Superbowls national numbers (includng Quebec) against the CFL's English-Canada numbers. If you truly compare apples to apples its close, but the Grey Cup always does better.

Which is what makes CTV paying more for the NFL's rights than TSN pays for the CFL's rights an absolute crime. Or commcercials being worth that much more on the Superbowl than the Grey Cup. Corporate Canada is being lied to, thats the only thing that can explain it. Or they would put their money where their mouth is and buy CFL ad time.

Someone mentioned Australia earlier. Now there is a country who gets it. They have 4 major national pro sports leagues (Aussie football, soccer, cricket and rugby) and regularly pack stadiums, sometime with more than 100,000 people for all of them. This in a country of 16 million people. If only we could show the same level of support to our national league.

True, i just thought at the last minute CTV would throw it on their signal.

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Actually…many moons ago… parliement passed an act that the Grey Cup MUST be shown on both CTV and CBC…
The CFL actually recinded this deal…cause they thought they could get the two networks to compete for the game with bigger ad dollars… Sheer stupidity when now that the Grey Cup is played on a second tier cable channel nowadays.

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If you have something to convey to CTV, do it here:

:cowboy: programming@ctv.ca