CSA, CFL and NASL to launch Canadian league

[b]CSN has confirmed that the CSA is involved in negotiations with the CFL and NASL to launch an all-Canadian league.

There could be as many as seven teams involved, all affiliated with local CFL teams and playing in CFL stadiums.

Hamilton's Bob Young is said to be the leading voice on the CFL side. The Ti-Cats owner was previously involved in professional soccer in Carolina. Although he had a falling out with Traffic Sports, sources say that relationship has been healed.

The league would likely begin play in 2016, which the possibility of up to two teams coming in for 2015 (Hamilton and Calgary have been suggested).

The three MLS markets will likely opt out. There is no word on whether teams independent of CFL teams (with the exception of the pre-existing FC Edmonton) will be considered. It's likely that such arrangements would be considered after the league was established.

The league would be affiliated with the American NASL. The format would likely resemble Major League Baseball with two distinct leagues operating in close cooperation. There would be some inter-league play and the Soccer Bowl would likely be played between the two champions.

CSN reached out to the CSA. We will update their response when we receive it. Attempts were also made to reach the CFL. [/b]

Also from NASL Commisioner

[b]NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson says his league is looking closely at one unnamed Canadian market as an expansion candidate, and is supportive of the long-term goals of the Canadian Soccer Association.
In a state-of-the-NASL conference call held Thursday morning, Peterson said he would be talking with CSA officials later in the day to discuss the organization’s long-term vision for the game in Canada. And he said the NASL would support the CSA’s vision, even if it includes the eventual launch of a Canadian Division “1A? league.

“We will have discussions with the CSA looking at the long-term future, what it looks like,? Peterson said. “We are open and supportive to what the long-term goals are going to be.?

CSA president Victor Montagliani, in an interview with Plastic Pitch(see the end of the post for subscription details on how to get the magazine), said that a long-term goal for the organization would be a Canadian only Division 1, which would “coexist? with MLS and NASL. It would not be directly tied to Canada’s bid for the 2026 World Cup, and investors would need to be found.

Peterson said that NASL will add more Canadian markets — adding to teams already in Edmonton and Ottawa. And he’s interested to see what that means for the future, and how it fits into the CSA’s vision. He called the CSA a “great partner.?[/b]

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Maybe such a league will help keep young people involved in playing the sport after high school and university years and lead to a better national team that will be able to qualify for a 2nd time at least for the WC.