Crystal Glass (Jackie Mitchell) NEEDS TO GO!

This guy is always getting hurt! Lose the Bum.. find someone who actually has the ability to be good! and doesn't get hurt ALL THE TIME!!!

He once again got hurt last night, NO SURPRISES HERE!.

lose him..

I agree we supposedly have all these young guys ready to step in, Put them in, Mitchell is always getting beat he had 2 good plays against BC, but they just took the light off of his bad, slow, below average play. Put in Jones, stancil or anybody. They will make some mistakes but the difference will be that they will learn, Mitchell makes mistakes cause he can't keep up.

ya let him get healed and trade him :wink: i noticed that last year that there was a few breakable players on the defence and thats why in the begining of the season i said sign Joe Montford, but he didnt want to play here so maybe we are just stuck with the players we have :oops:

We have lots of linebackers that can replace him, he is always getting hurt.

Theres Hunt (a given for a starter), McCullough(i don't know if he should be startin but hes pretty good), Stancil(i think hes hurt but hes another good linebacker), Jones(always makin plays), and the Alexander we drafted(supposed to be pretty good)

i don't know why he is a starter every year but i wish they'd get rid of him, a trade would be nice just to get sumfin for him but i don't think we could get much.

ya.. what are we going to get for him? No one wants some one who gets hurt all the time

Wally cuts a vet (Young)!! The Don makes wholesale changes in his backfield (Durden, Malveaux And Almondo Curry)But we only make 1 change to replace McAlla due to retirement,Except for trading our safety and trying to play without one!!!WAKE UP fore season is toast

And last week you guys were praising the guy.

last week he deserved to be praised.i thought he was back to the way he played a couple of years ago.i say outright release him and let some of the younger players fight fo his spot.

Last week I didn't post anything at all about Mitchell because I knew everyone would jump all over me because he made two nice plays. I made the post about three weeks ago saying this and everyone got offended. He got burnt twice in that game by some guy named Acree (never heard of him) and one was for a touchdown. Him and Eddie Davis (who also has to go) got burnt against the Agos for that huge play when we had them against their goaline. He has proven at linebacker and at safety that he can't cover anyone so why have him in their if he keeps getting burnt? Everone hates that the Riders are an average team but you are not willing to let go of players who are past their prime. Another player dare I say around here is Szarka when we have Hathaway who is far better out of the backfield and I'm sure can make the two yard plunge like Szarka can. Now that I have upset everyone I will leave.

I've been saying this same thing now for quite some time. He is a good LB when he's healthy but that is less than 50% of the time so ship his noodle legs out of town and get someone in who is reliable.

I think we praised the Hit..which btw was probably the hardest Pre-Shultz hit I ever seen a QB take..the guy has NEVER played a full season without injury..for as many good plays he makes he gets burnt twice as many times.